Alberta Premier Didn’t End Mandates and the Border Blockade Is Back On


Premier Kenny of Alberta didn’t end the mandates as reported. He ended some of them but the worst ones are still in effect. The vaccine passports called ‘Restriction Exemption Program’ (REP) would be eliminated at midnight tonight. However, this is what remains:

  • the QR codes check-in gates would continue;
  • vaccine requirements will remain;
  • vaccine discrimination can continue by private businesses with government support;
  • government healthcare workers must still be vaccinated or get fired;
  • entertainment venues would be allowed to sell food and drinks again (but customers must be seated);
  • and rules on closing times, alcohol service times, table capacity in restaurants, and social distancing would remain in place;
  • they’ll probably have to take an annual shot;
  • the trucker vaccine mandate is a federal mandate, and that will still apply to cross-border truckers.  In other words, a majority of the mandates would still continue through to March 1st, then even after March 1st, a lot of the mandates will remain.

The truckers will not accept it. They believe it’s a bad deal. They’re back blockading Coutts. Farmers are joining the blockade.

The border is blockaded completely now and the police are planning to move them to another location.

The Presser:

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