Alec Baldwin Once Wondered How an Officer Felt Wrongfully Killing Someone


Alec Baldwin once wondered how it would feel “to wrongfully kill someone,” when he was torching an officer who fatally shot a man several times after a struggle outside a 711. The officer told the perpetrator to “get down,” and he wouldn’t.

Anyone who has operated a gun knows that it’s easy to shoot seven bullets in quick succession.

At the time, Mr. Baldwin certainly had no idea if the officer was at fault. Videos do not tell the entire story when someone is in a life and death situation.

Unfortunately, Mr. Baldwin now knows how it feels to wrongfully end someone’s life. Hopefully, it will at least humble him.

If you have a gun in your hands, you never aim it unless you are positive there are no bullets in it and you don’t point it at anyone.

This wasn’t the fault of the gun. It was the fault of the people who handled/managed the gun.

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