Alex Soros Says Davos Elite Predict Trump Will Win & It’s a Good Thing


Screengrab Alex Soros

“In Davos, Donald Trump is already the president,” Open Society Foundations Chairman Alex Soros told a panel at the World Economic Forum on Friday.

“That’s a good thing because the Davos consensus is always wrong,” he said.

“Donald Trump owns the Republican Party. We’re in something I like to call the Trump cycle, because I think even if — and I believe, if the institutions hold, when — he loses this election, he’ll also be the Republican candidate in 2028 and maybe even 2032 as well,” Soros said, drawing a ripple of laughter from attendees.

“What’s the way out for him? He either winds up in prison or he winds up in power, he’s not going off on some beach somewhere and retiring.”

“But, actually, if you want to look at one state which will really test where the election is, it’s Wisconsin, because if Joe Biden’s able to win Wisconsin, it should mean that he’s won Pennsylvania and Michigan,” added Soros, son of billionaire philanthropist and Open Society Foundations founder George Soros.

“Biden actually has a particular advantage in a polarized electoral environment which is that he’s not polarizing.”

He’s not polarizing?

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John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

The Crime of The Century is being committed right before our eyes. These cases in DC, Florida, and Atlanta are nothing but a clear and terrifying declaration that if you contest or question an election you will be prosecuted, you will be ruined, you will be imprisoned, and if you resist they will kill you. That’s the purpose, plain and simple to see, in these prosecutions. It was also the purpose of the j6 prosecutions and the recent announcement that the thugs in the DOJ are planning to arrest thousands more of Trump supporters who never entered the Capital and did nothing more than watch and observe the events. This Is massive election interference, conspiracy to violate federal and state elections laws, violation of the rights granted under the First Amendment as well as any number of relevant federal laws. It must be stopped by  action, not words. I found a site at ispeakfortrump com that gives us the tools]s to fight back online and in our communities. I suggest you visit and sign up for the battle to save our republic. 

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

There will be MORE election fraud in the 2024 election than there was in the 2020 election.

Yes a few states have changed a few things to make sure there is less cheating,
but since Democrats suffered NO consequences AT ALL despite mountains of evidence of them rigging the 2020 election,
in fact since those who have evidence of voting fraud are the ones who got punished ( what is the name of that lady ? Tina something ? she refused to illegally delete voting records and they are about to throw her in prison for refusing to do something illegal…and that mentally dereanged Ag Nessel I think? same thing, she is threatening people with prison time for proving voting fraud ),
while the ones who cheated got away with murder,

Democrats know they are untouchable and will cheat even more.

maybe it will be more subtle, new and different, maybe the MSM will be better at hiding it from the naive public, but there will be more voting fraud.

I am 99.99% sure there will be more voting fraud.

I would be stunned if I was wrong about that.

what criminal commits less crimes after he realizes that there is no consequences to being caught doing those crimes ???

Democrats paid no price, they are still all in power from that evil b**** Katie Hobbs to Biden

they were rewarded with remaining in power despite having been caught red handed rigging elections

they are laughing all the way to the bank and to the election…it is amusing to them how despite evidence they are untouchable

they ll do it again… and with more boldness

kind of like the smash and grab crowds; the less they get punished the more audacious they get,

the 2024 election will be so rigged, it may trigger an actual revolt

John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

Yes, and it’s best understood when one realizes we are in the grip of an organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democrat Party. The crime syndicate has a vast array of vote “harvesters,” “vote counters,” masters of vote fraud and they have refined their criminal activities financed with huge amounts of cash knowing the courts will do nothing. Protest and they will jail you.