Aliens Are Welcome to Come In Illegally and Become Public Charges


Illegal aliens walk to the US border from Mexico on March 2, 2022

Bloomberg News reported that without comment, the Supreme Court “left in place a federal appeals court decision that said the states couldn’t intervene after Joe Biden’s administration dropped the federal government’s defense of the so-called public charge rule.”

“The appeal had limited practical importance because the administration formally replaced the Trump rule with a more lenient standard in December. Texas has sued to challenge that step, saying it conflicts with a federal immigration statute,” Bloomberg continued.

We welcome people to become public charges so they can live off people who can’t afford to pay for them. That’s socialism Americans voted for. We are a welfare state for the world.

The Court heard oral arguments last term but dropped it. Justices said there were too many intricacies to make a decision. At that time, Chief Justice John Roberts “gently chided President Joe Biden’s administration for some of its legal maneuvering in the multifaceted fight,” Bloomberg News reported.

So what changed?

Jonathan Turley said in April 2020 that the NY Attorney General and others asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its upholding the “public charge” rule for immigrants due to the pandemic. The decision however was based on the authority of President, not the wisdom of his policy. The Court cannot act as a superlegislature. Perhaps that is what is going on here. It’s Biden’s authority?

Biden keeps breaking the law and no one holds him accountable. Moochers and ne’er-do-wells are invited to come in unvetted and live off hardworking Americans as public charges without the permission of those Americans. Don’t tell me we have some illegal aliens aren’t moochers.

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