Your potential President Joe Biden introduced his granddaughter as his late son


Joe Biden introduced his granddaughter Finnegan as his deceased son, Beau Biden, to a group of supporters in Philadelphia on Election Day.

“This is my son, Beau Biden who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate in Delaware,” he said. He then attempted to correct himself.

“This is my granddaughter, Natalie,” the befuddled candidate continued, before saying: “No wait, we got the wrong one.”

He then put his arm around Natalie’s shoulder, who was standing close by, and said: “This is Natalie, this is Beau’s daughter.”

He was introducing Finnegan when he made the original error.

Beau died at age 46 in 2015 from brain cancer.

Joe Biden was visiting Philadelphia and Scranton on Tuesday. Philly was his second stop.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that this man could become President within hours.

This election is really for Kamala Harris who didn’t even make it through the primaries. The far-left Kamala is basically going to be the appointed president. The media and Democrats in Congress must know he is unfit for office.

Biden visited his childhood home earlier and wrote on the wall of a bedroom, “From this house to the White House with the grace of God,” and then left.  A swarm of tens of young supporters, staff, and reporters gathered outside chanting “we love you.”

He made the ‘gaffe’ while speaking with supporters at his second stop in Philadelphia.

Does anyone think Joe Biden can go up against Russian President Putin or China’s President Xi? Anyone? He’s a placeholder for Kamala Harris.


He began the day by visiting Beau’s grave and attending mass in a Catholic Church in Wilmington.

During that visit, he was met with a small group of pro-life protesters who shouted at the presidential candidate about his stance on abortion and held up banners reading “No Catholic can vote for Joe Biden” and “Joe Biden equals abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.”

The three demonstrators, two women, and one man held signs and heckled Biden shouting “Joe, you’re a disgrace to the Catholic faith.”

They also heckled Biden’s late son chanting: “Repent for your soul” and “Repent for Beau’s soul.”



  1. Its is pretty sad that there is no one in the Biden family that loves this man enough to take him by the hand and lead him home or to a nursing home where he belongs. I despise his politics and his corrupt political legacy but do feel sorry for someone who has reached his ripe old age and has no one who cares for him but for only what monetary gains his position might bring. this is a tale of a life wasted God save us from this wretch.

    • Well Said, Darla
      Joe Biden is so shot up with drugs that any reasonable person can see he is incompetent and even incompetent to participate in his own defense for treason, money laundering, and conspiracy to overthrow Pres Trump with “Russiagate”
      CHINA JOE BIDEN aka QUID PRO JOE, da CHINESE BOY HO is so corrupt & incompetent that his election will force this country into a downspin from which we will not recover.
      How pathetic to see China Joe “trot” onto the stage to prove he should still be playing halfback when he can[t even fill the bucket as the water boy.
      KOMMUNIST KAMELA will be the president from hell
      I am ashamed ot the MSM really ashamed

  2. Joe has enough of his brain left to know exactly what he’s doing. It is one last grand act to enrich his family at the expense of the country. Commie-la is no better. The ultimate scam. The ultimate act of hate and retribution on the country that made them.

  3. This is a sad state of affairs. This man is not packing the equipment and it appears that the DNC and the Marxists got what they wanted, a senile old man who will be removed by the 25th amendment and replaced by Harris and led by Sanders. These mindless misinformed liberal robots will rue the day if China Joe wins.

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