Aliens around the world gather on their way to the US, cause “public calamity”


More than 10,000 aliens hailing from the Caribbean, Africa, and beyond have overwhelmed the city of Necocli, which has a population of only 20,000 people. They are on their way to the USA. Why are they coming? Democrats say we’re oppressive racists.

Democrats are replacing citizens with needy, more pliable foreigners who will vote for them.

City authorities have declared a “public calamity” as local resources are stretched beyond their limits.

“I make a call to my counterparts in other countries to carry out joint actions to confront this problem,” Necocli ombudsman Carlos Camargo told the Associated Press last week.

After releasing at least 7,000 into our country since early this year and 1500 last week from RGV alone, the Biden administration is finally building facilities to house the COV-afflicted illegal aliens.

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