Evil Disney propagandizes toddlers with WOKEism


Evil Disney continues to corrupt our culture. They own the rights to Jim Henson’s The Muppets so they have to ruin them.

They created Muppet Babies and made beloved character Gonzo into a trans woman because anyone can be any gender in their crazy minds.

Pop culture outlet Vulture reported on Gonzo’s new transgender iteration recently. They praised the fact that the show for “3 to 8″ year-olds is making such a pro-LGBTQ statement.

It’s not a pro-LGBTQ statement. It’s trying to make toddlers into transgenders. This is propaganda with babies to corrupt them and make them delusional.

This isn’t love or acceptance, it’s evil propaganda.

It’s insane! Turn off Disney. Buy the old shows and movies when Disney was wholesome.

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9 months ago

Hmmm, Gonzo the Great is a puppet or more correctly, a Muppet. As written, he (and I use that word out of simple ease) is likely a space alien, so poor conservatives have no idea what sex it could be. Gonzo often has chickens as romantic interests. Yep, again we have conservatives showing just how stupid they really are.

oh and poor dears should have a fit when Bugs Bunny dresses in drag and flirts with Elmer Fudd.

Historic Meaness Czar
Historic Meaness Czar
9 months ago

Disney=Epstein fellow travelers.