All Dems signed onto H.R. 1, the bill that will destroy the United States


Every single Democrat — 222 hardly-moderate Democrats — has signed onto H.R.1, the inappropriately named “For The People Act.” It will enshrine corrupt voting practices into law to forever steal elections for Democrats. Hard-left Democrats want total power, and this will give it to them.

As the pandemic wanes, Democrats want this bill to continue insurmountable voter fraud.

Democrats introduced HR1, a bill that will destroy our country. It nationalizes the vote and makes every corrupt form of voting legal. It ends voter ID nationwide and allows ballot harvesting, felon voters, a path to DC statehood.

That majority and the power that comes with it is what open borders is about. It’s what the demonization of Trump and his supporters is about.

The bill would ensure Democrats win all elections in perpetuity. HR1 goes under the guise of protecting our elections for the people.

In his speech before CPAC this weekend, Donald Trump urged Conservatives everywhere to band together and defeat H.R. 1 before it is too late.

If the Democrat communists pass this bill, no Republican will ever win a presidential election again.

  1. MOST DANGEROUS CLAUSE: The bill provides stiff penalties for anyone who ‘harasses’ poll workers and government administrators. Questioning election results can be prosecuted under a broad definition of what constitutes harassment.
  2. Internet-only registration with electronic signature submission. In other words, no voter ID. H.R. 1 would force states to adopt online, same-day, and automatic voter registration. The goal of this is to register as many Leftists as possible.
  3. It would also become illegal for states to require voter ID from people applying for mail-in ballots. So, in states with strict in-person voter ID laws, Leftists would be able to bypass these laws by simply applying to vote by mail.
  4. Nationwide ‘Motor Voter’ registration. If you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote.
  5. 16-year-olds must be registered to vote. Children voting is a big plus for Democrats, and this is the first step.
  6. Nationwide same-day registration.
  7. Grants ($25M) for using minors in election activities. [brainwashing]
  8. Prohibiting attempts to clean voter rolls of non-residents. States would be barred from purging inactive voters from the voter rolls, so once the Democrats get a fake voter name added to the rolls, it would have to stay.
  9. Murderers and rapists can vote.
  10. Mandatory early voting.
  11. Roadwork for DC statehood and territory statehood.
  12. It gives federal workers [union people, mostly Democrats] SIX DAYS of paid vacation to work the polls.
  13. The bill also “allows for counting of ballots in an election for Federal office that is received through the mail after the date that is 10 days after the date of the election,” the bill states.

    In other words, they will have 10 days after election day to receive and count new votes. If they don’t have enough ballots for their candidate, they will find them. That likely happened this past election.

  14. H.R. 1 also includes a “contingency” clause requiring that states adopt emergency plans for universal mail-in voting whenever there is a natural disaster or “infectious disease.” Election day falls inside of hurricane and flu seasons. Democrats will be able to force universal mail-in voting onto the country permanently. If a state refuses to implement universal mail-in voting whenever there is an infectious disease, then the Federal government and liberal advocacy groups would be able to use the courts to uphold H.R. 1.

Please call your representative and senator and demand this bill be stopped. People say we will be California, but it will be far worse than that. It’s the road to Cuba with no turning back.

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Nabi Rasch
Nabi Rasch
2 years ago

Ah,well, all is lost fellow conservatives. Might as well take all those guns you collected to the 2nd hand shop and at least get some cash back. If you’re still a guy maybe substitute them with a skirt or two so you can prove you’re an upstanding citizen for the woke order. Now off you go before you get your butts whipped again!

2 years ago

Republicans projecting much? GOP is the new nazi party with Schlump as vile godhead. Want a party that’s nothing but a racist, sexist, conspiracy theory laden clustershuck with bonus outright lying scum that have no moral decency? That’s your republican party today. Heck even your cpac stage was an outright copy of a nazi symbol. The republican party today is as anti-american as you can get.

Hugh Miller
Hugh Miller
2 years ago

Of course the GOP is against any process that makes it easier for Americans to vote. I am sure if this passes, it will be tied up in courts for years. All the while, states that are controlled by the GOP will enact laws making voting more difficult to discourage minority participants. Since the Republicans have nothing to offer minorities but so called “free market principles “, the only way for them to win is to make voting arduous.

Nabi Rasch
Nabi Rasch
2 years ago
Reply to  Hugh Miller

And you forgot to mention conservatives offer only two genders–nothing compared to Demmies–a low expectation of terrorist attacks on US soil–zero under Trump–and will make it a relatively very depressing environment for citizens like illegal alien murderers. You might have a tougher time qualifying for your free tampons and birth control pills, Hugh. Right: Nothing to offer there.

Donald Rajcan
Donald Rajcan
2 years ago

If this bill passes the Senate, or a compromise bill is constructed in any form, the only solution for the citizens of this country will be SECESSION of states and counties that want to retain their freedom. Otherwise, the next election will mean the near total replacement of Republicans/Conservatives in both the house and senate, yielding to a one-party system that will never be overcome.

Remo Williams
Remo Williams
2 years ago

This list actually proves there was voter fraud in this last election?