All eyes on sham impeachment trial, day 4, the defense! Watch live!


Sham Impeachment Trial, Day 4, live!

The defense will present their case in three or four hours today as opposed to the three days of drama, hyperbole, and outright lying with faked tweets and professionally edited film. No one denies the riot was awful, but Democrat House managers presented no evidence that Donald Trump colluded with the rioters or told them to do it.

The process of impeachment has been weaponized and ruined. It should be rare and limited to high crimes and misdemeanors.


David Schoen, former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney, told reporters on Thursday that the Democrats, while “making a movie,” have failed to tie the Capitol breach to Trump.

“I think they’re making a movie,” Schoen said. “You know, they haven’t in any way tied it to Donald Trump.”

“And I think it’s offensive. Quite frankly, it’s antithetical [to] the healing process to continue to show the tragedy that happened here that Donald Trump has condemned, and I think it tears at the American people, quite frankly.”

A reporter asked the attorney why they broke from the trial to do a live shot.

“It’s more of the same thing. They’re showing the same repetitive videos. [Making] points that don’t exist.”

Democrats cut out the line in DJT’s speech where he told them to march peacefully and patriotically. In any case, the rioters planned it well in advance and the FBI knew.

The really big news is fifteen Republicans left during the blather on Wednesday and Josh Hawley had his feet up during the presentations on Thursday. That triggered the Left. One woman wrote: “Republican Josh Hawley is ignoring the trial reading stuff that has nothing to do with the impeachment… even sitting with his legs up on the seat in front of him. If this gets you kicked out of Biology class, why doesn’t it get him kicked out of the Senate?”

Ah, yes, cancel him. He doesn’t have any rights.


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