All-smiles AOC says we must stop fascism in November


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted a video of herself claiming November is “about stopping fascism.”

She said, “That’s what Trump represents…We’re going to have to stitch together women, gender-expanding people, immigrants, black folks, indigenous folks, Latinos, people of color of all stripes, Asian Americans, younger people, older people…”

She left out thugs, antifa, BLM, felons, people here illegally, misfits, communists, socialists, America-haters, and she forgot to say she is promoting fascism, not stopping it.

If she thinks she is stopping fascists, why does she think it’s funny?

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2 years ago

Making blonds look smart and recruiting more Trump voters every day. Keep shooting off your mouth….please.

Anthony Jesus Alfaro
Anthony Jesus Alfaro
2 years ago

AOC is as smart as a brick. She has no idea that Fascism, like Communism, is a version of Socialism which she supports. But she has never allowed facts interfere with what her thinking nor what she has to say.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

She is a “bimbo” and is too stupid to realize it !!!