All Weather Events Will Now Be Labeled Climate Change


The media now claims everything caused by any weather event is caused by climate change, and they do it without evidence. In a general sense, the weather is always changing, but that’s not how they mean it.

The death of the US media

Just yesterday, Saul Elbein wrote an article for The Hill furthering the cause. It was titled, Climate change raising risks of financial disaster for homeowners, insurers and bankers.

He began:

The rising weather-related risks from climate change, from coastal hurricanes to western wildfires, are increasingly pinching insurance companies, which are raising rates and pulling back from parts of the country in an effort to stay in business.

Just this summer, two major insurance companies left Florida, adding to the long list of companies that have left the state.

Mr. Elbein did not have to present even one piece of evidence that these wildfires are hurricanes are tied to climate change. The truth is they are not. However, the left, which has control of the media or the media controls them, whichever, has decided that the science is settled.

The article says that one insurance company will no longer write policies in the state, and another will go bankrupt. Banks could be next, the article warns.

What it doesn’t say is these kinds of things have gone on for decades. Businesses fail, and insurance companies sometimes leave states to reduce risk and improve company profits.

Elbein writes:

The unprecedented hurricane cutting across the Florida Panhandle is just the latest in a string of billion-plus dollar disasters to hit the United States this year.

As of early August — before the fires that leveled Lahaina in Hawaii and before hurricanes Hilary and Idalia — the U.S. had experienced 15 climate disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion, according to federal data.

Hurricanes come this time of year naturally; fires in Maui were not caused by climate change. There was nothing unprecedented about Hurricanes Hillary and Idalia. They are normal weather events.

The climate is always changing, and we can’t do anything about it. The people who want your money don’t have a clue, nor can they prove it’s tied to CO2 or humans.


These fearmongers use computer-generated models to make predictions that don’t come true. They prefer predictions that are 100 years out, so we can never oppose them.

Expect the media to inundate Americans with constant climate hysteria, COVID fears, and lies about Ukraine winning the war. None of this is normal. It’s ginned up to force through an agenda. The left is forming a totalitarian state before your eyes.

Biden is leading us into accepting a Climate Emergency Declaration. It would give him 130 new powers. He could lock us down, mask, and quarantine us. He could criminalize normal life activities.

They plan to start naming all storms. They will put up death charts like they did for COVID. It’s meant to frighten people so they can exploit that fear to fit their agenda. They plan to overturn capitalism and make the State supreme.

Marc Morano of Climate Depot writes:

The plan is to declare a ‘climate emergency’  and toss out elected representatives. They hope to follow China’s one-party rule model by implementing energy restrictions through the bureaucracy. They don’t need no stinkin’ democracy. Throughout history, emergency declarations have been used and abused to crush freedom. For those who loved how unelected officials ruled our lives under COVID lockdowns, prepare for the attempts to make climate lockdowns permanent.

For an idea of what the world would look like under a climate lockdown, read 2021 International Energy Agency’s ‘Net-Zero’ report urges ‘behavioral changes’ to fight climate: ‘A shift away from private car use…. upper speed limits’ & thermostat controls; limits on hot water & more!

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