All Whitey Wall Street Opens In Atlanta


Just kidding. An All ‘New Black Wall Street’ opened in Atlanta. It’s a shopping center for Black people and for Black people. They’re segregating themselves but we thought that was a no-no.

If we did open an all whitey wall street shopping center, how would that go over?

We’re just not big fans of identity politics. It’s divisive.



  1. Blacks are all in for Segregation because they have been made to believe they can’t compete with White People. I say if they really feel that way, go back to Africa. If they go back to Africa they won’t be able to blame White people for their problems. At least I won’t have to listen to their complaining anymore. I have a few Black friends who have all but been thrown out of the Black community because they are OREOs. Blacks don’t like seeing other Blacks excel. Hell, young Black men can’t even keep their pants up anymore. They always have their underwear hanging out. Don’t they know what a belt is? Blacks tend to do well when they play by the rules. White people tend to fail when they don’t play by the rules. Democrat Politicians used to do well by breaking the rules, I think that’s about to come to an end.

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