“Insane” Soros-Backed NYC Council Member “Made This for Kids”


Soros-backed, self-described queer Tiffany Caban, who is Puerto Rican and far-left, is insane, and New York City doesn’t need another one.  She nearly became a Queens DA and is now on the city council.

George Soros, who should be in prison, never gives up on his favorite candidates.

Caban published an anti-police pamphlet for children. She shared it on social media in 2020. It attacked police for their “harmful” role in society.

Kelly Klingman, a GOP rival for her district, shared a screenshot of it and asked, “District 22, is Caban really who we want representing us?”

“This insane individual made this for KIDS!? Unlike our current councilwoman, I don’t believe in abolishing or shaming the NYPD,” Klingman wrote. “I believe in building community relationships with NYPD & helping ALL people access the NYPD to prevent crimes.”

The part reshared by Klingman Friday included a screenshot of a header that said: “Kids are Wondering about.”

Are cops nice? Police are nice to some people, but they are not nice to everybody,” the text, highlighted by Klingman, said. Below that was a broken heart. “All people can be hurt by police,” it says.

It also had another header in a child-friendly font that said “Cops on TV.” It claimed, “Usually, police on tv shows are doing good deeds … In real life, police don’t follow the rules in the same way for everybody.”

The pamphlet boosted by Cabán contains a slew of anti-cop rhetoric other than the part highlighted by Klingman.


The pamphlet is insane. It’s brainwashing and manipulating children to hate and fear the people trying to protect them.

This is on Caban’s Instagram page!

“Kids often ask questions that may seem tricky for adults to answer— “is my favorite police officer on tv a bad guy?” “My [family member] is a police officer. Can I still love them?” “Police are always nice to me. Why are people mad at them?” — We always want to address the questions and needs of the kids in our lives. It’s always important to do so through an abolitionist-informed lens so we can have honest, age-appropriate conversations with kids about the harmful role police hold in our society.

“These slides offer just one part of what conversations may come. Further conversations may include discussions about police history in the U.S., how they are connected to white supremacy, and imagining a world without police. This is just the start.

Slide 2: “are cops nice?” handwritten in white on top. Typed in black, “police are nice to some people, but they are not nice to everybody. All people can be hurt by the police. Black people and other people of color get in trouble and even killed for doing things that white people are allowed to do everyday.” A drawn, red broken heart floats by the text.

Slide 3: “cops on tv” handwritten in white. Typed in black, “usually police on tv shows are doing good deeds. Sometimes we like stories on tv even when we know they’re not true in real life. In real life, police don’t follow the rules the same way for everybody. Police are not fair about who they help and who they punish.”

Slide 4: “choices” handwritten in white. Typed in black, “people can make bad choices and still be worthy of love. It’s a choice to become a police officer. Good people can become police, but being policing isn’t good for our communities. Police follow unfair rules. When someone becomes a police officer, their choice to follow those rules hurt people.”

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