Allegedly, Donald Trump’s Four Final VP Picks


Former President Donald Trump has allegdly decided on four potential running mates: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. The candidates will be presented to wealthy donors at a secretive retreat in Palm Beach, Florida, as Trump seeks to solidify his position for the upcoming presidential election. The final decision is expected to be made closer to the convention.

He could still change his mind if this report is even accurate.

One of the former vice presidential picks, Kristi Noem, explained that the dog she shot was not a puppy but a 14-month-old dog. The dog had killed livestock and attacked her. Most would put down a dog like that. She didn’t eat the dog like Barack Obama. I still don’t want her as the pick. Selfishly, I don’t want to hear six months of attacks about her as a dog killer.

People are betting on who will win, and some don’t think it will be any of the four.

Sources told Axios that Burgum is moving up the list after Trump and former first lady Melania Trump hosted Burgum and his wife at Mar-a-Lago for an Easter brunch. They also said that Trump has been mentioning Burgum to advisers much more recently.

“Two sources familiar with Trump’s thinking said he likes Burgum’s measured demeanor and his gubernatorial experience — and sees Burgum as reliable and low-drama,” Axios, which first reported the story, noted. “Those are similar to the traits Trump cited in 2016 when he tapped Mike Pence as his running mate. At the time, Pence was Indiana’s governor.”

And how did that work out?

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