Amazing Scene When a Criminal Lunges at a Judge


A criminal who was denied probation lunged at a Las Vegas judge – jumped right over the podium – proving the judge’s decision was the right one. It’s not a surprise that criminals have no respect for authority, but this was audacious.

The judge is okay.

Deobra Redden swore at Judge Mary Kay Holthus as she handed down the sentence, then jumped over the bench and lunged at her.

Redden didn’t want to go to jail, claiming he was in a better place, had a support system, and a new job.

A prosecutor said Redden – who was in court to be sentenced for attempted battery with substantial harm – had a history of violent crimes, including home invasion and domestic violence.

“I feel like I shouldn’t be sent to prison, but if it’s appropriate for you, then you gotta do what you gotta do,” Redden told the judge.

His attorney wanted a suspended sentence. he cited previous completions of probation programs, his mental health history, and his background.

“I appreciate that, but I think it’s time that he get a taste of something else,” Holthus responded. “Because I just can’t with that history.”

Redden then swore at the judge and leaped.

The judge was able to stand after the attack and was sent to the hospital for examination. She is expected to be okay, as is a court marshal who was involved in rescuing the judge from the lunatic.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

If we asked her, Claudine Gay would tell us it is racist to say the black man should not have lunged at the judge.