Amazon’s slowly getting out of Seattle in response to leftist taxation


Tech giant Amazon is slowly abandoning Seattle. The company will not renew its lease for the top eight floors of an office building in South Lake Union. The space reportedly totals over 180,000 square feet.

Amazon confirms to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that they are leaving this property in December of this year.

They’re heading for Bellevue, another upscale city across Lake Washington from Seattle. Bellevue suffered through a riot after the death of George Floyd but the offenders were arrested and it appeared to end there.


Amazon, which leases over six million square feet of office space in Seattle, will bring another 10,000 jobs to Bellevue, in addition to the 15,000 previously announced jobs. These aren’t just new jobs. An Amazon source says the plan includes moving Seattle jobs to Bellevue.

Amazon is also expanding its office footprint in Bellevue. Amazon owns or leases nearly five million square feet of office space in the city, with the new additions of the 42-story 555 Tower and the three 16- to 17-story towers in the West Main block.

Bellevue could become the new Seattle and Seattle could lose its worth. It’s time to get out.


The legislature seemingly has little respect for capitalism and businesses. Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner called that move “a remarkable indictment of our local legislature,” in an interview with KIRO Radio’s Dave Ross. The Council foolishly targets Amazon.

Recently, Amazon polled employees about alternative cities for future growth.

The Seattle City Council renewed its effort to target Amazon for onerous, vindictive, and a jobs-punishing payroll tax. They passed Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda’s dubiously titled “JumpStart Seattle” legislation. Mosqueda, a future mayoral hopeful, promised her tax would help jump-start the local economy. But it’s doing the opposite.
Businesses large and small warned the council of this move. But Mosqueda and the council ignored the pleas of businesses, most of which were already hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

What kind of an idiot raises taxes during a pandemic and riots? A communist idiot!

And where socialist [communist] Kshama Sawant has failed, Mosqueda may succeed: running Amazon out of town. While it may delight her base of fringe progressives and socialists, if you don’t have Amazon to tax, it’s unclear where this out-of-control council will find the funds for their ideologically-driven programs. She’s similar to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who killed Amazon when it was planning to bring tens of thousands of jobs to a depressed area of New York City.

It’s time for residents to get out to or they could simply vote in some normal people.

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