Ambush Attacks on Police Up 91% in 2021 Compared to This Time in 2020!


The National Fraternal Order of Police found ambush attacks on law enforcement officers nationwide are up 91% year to date compared to 2020.

They reported  51 law enforcement officers were shot, 13 of whom died, in 40 ambush-style attacks as of June 30, 2021.  In all of 2020, there were 48 ambush-style attacks, which left 60 officers wounded, 12 fatally, according to the group’s 2020 summary.

In the first 6 months of this year, 150 officers have been shot.  Twenty-eight were 28 killed by that gunfire.

Just last Wednesday, two Atlanta police officers were responding to reports of shots fired in the city’s Midtown neighborhood when they were ambushed, officials said.

Deputy Atlanta Police Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said the officers had gone into an apartment building to investigate and “were immediately approached with gunfire” when the elevator door opened.

The officers returned fire, killing one suspect. One cop was wounded.  For a visual of this ambush think Clemenza in Godfather One but with a very different result.

This planned attack was so blatant, even the not-so-friendly-to-her-police force, Atlanta Mayor said, “These officers were ambushed.”

The wounded officer was in stable condition at a hospital and talking to fellow officers and family members, Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant said.

Bryant added: “It is only through their training and by the grace of God that these officers did not come upon a more tragic situation.”

Halfway through 2021, we have more law enforcement officers shot and killed in cowardly, planned ambush assaults than all of 2020.

Of all the troubling, dangerous, deadly trends threatening those who swear to protect us from harm, this is the absolute worse.  Some of them might be safer overseas, serving in hostile territory, then answering a call to an Atlanta apartment building.

Let that sink in.

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