Antifa & BLM are attacking protesters at the naked man spa


Antifa and Black Lives Matter communists attacked protesters at the Korean spa in California today. The spa was recently the subject of a viral video. A client of the spa blasted the spa workers for allowing a completely naked man to walk around in the female locker room with women and children. He was allegedly identifying as a woman at the time as his penis flashed about. The video of the event went viral on MeWe.

What motivates the young communists is to beat up people for protesting naked men in women’s and girl’s locker rooms.

The communists attacked a woman, a journalist, a pastor, and a Latino couple — and others.

The idea that a man with all masculine body parts can walk into a girl/woman’s locker room and say he’s a woman is a little hard to accept.

The only reason these violent BLM and Antifa go as counter-protesters is to attack the protesters they falsely claim are Nazis or fascists. The police are afraid to intervene and become the subject of an investigation and these communists are supported by Democrats.



  1. Where are the rooftop Koreans?
    The vibrant diverse enrichment doesn’t warrant such a response at this time.
    Das Unity über alles but some are a little more equal in the collective.

  2. Whats the matter PUTA COWARDS antifa, afraid to come to Maine????

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