America BETRAYED – Republican Politicians, BEWARE



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America BETRAYED – Republican Politicians, BEWARE

Establishment GOP’s Last Judas Kiss

November 3rd marked a “day that will live in infamy.” It is the day the Democratic National Committee and Deep State used MASSIVE Voter Fraud to steal the presidency.

As our wholly corrupt MSM hid every treasonous, sordid detail of felonious and perverted acts memorialized in the Hunter Biden laptop, they, and social media sites, have kept hidden a mountain of voter fraud evidence.  Here Is The Evidence! I suggest you get to this quickly. It has already been blocked from the first attempted posting.

Nobody reading through this list could, in any good conscience, accept this election as valid.  Taking in all which has transpired since January 2020, there is but one honest conclusion: This was not an election.  It was, and is, the Overthrow of our Government by China, the Deep State, and Establishment Great Betrayers in the GOP.

Democrats, honing dozens of methods of voter fraud over the past 50 years, have stolen many seats. This time they needed the mother of all fraud to overcome President Trump’s record-breaking support.  Remarkable, considering the MSM, Deep State, DNC, Hollywood, several federal agencies (DOJ, FBI, CIA) and members of the old Republican guard have dedicated their every waking moment over the past four years to destroy Donald Trump.

In fact, it was far more than 74 Million who re-elected President Trump. Impressive number as this is, it omits copious ballots destroyed and millions of votes taken from Trump, gifted to Biden. CNN actually slipped up when, in real-time, we witnessed their tally board decrease thousands of Trump, Biden numbers increased by thousands.  Once again, “don’t believe your own lying eyes.”

Yes, the Good Ole Boys of the GOP, with extreme cowardice, have allowed these thefts for decades.

GOP Good Ole Boys, BEWARE.

The GOP Establishment, Globalist, America First Haters, will they never learn?

It is your betrayals over the past many years that helped to put Donald Trump into office.

How clueless are these DC Swamp Rats? Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), who thinks the term RINO, is a new label, is apparently oblivious to the Constitutional protections from fraudulent national elections.  He is calling a “scam,” contesting fraudulent elections, was embedded in the Constitution by the Genius of our Founding Fathers, and has been executed before.

Congratulations, Mr. Kinzinger. Welcome to the “you have no future in politics” list.

Sen. Josh Hawley and Sen. Tommy Tuberville have courageously stepped up, announced they will challenge the theft of the presidency.

Senate Republican Whip, John Thune, John Cornyn, Roy Blunt joined Mitch McConnell’s private caucus call warning GOP senators to not object to this [alleged] theft of the presidency.

A couple of weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the following: “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden … (he) is no stranger to the Senate.  He has devoted himself to public service for many years.”

REALLY Senator?  “Public Service?” Beijing Biden’s only major accomplishments have been SELF-SERVICE.  The entire Biden family has sold this country out all over the globe.  Most alarmingly, the Bidens’ sell-out to Communist China would put this entire country in even greater jeopardy. Greater because of another List of Shame … the growing list of politicians, officeholders already in China’s pocket.  Then again, you too have a significant family connection of your own to China, right Senator McConnell?

McConnell went on to also congratulate Kamala Harris, THE most radical Leftist in the Senate, with, “all Americans can take pride that our nation has a female Vice President-elect for the first time.”

Oh Yes, Mitch, YOU, sir, will head our list of Great Betrayers. 

No “Happy Accidents”

“COVID was God’s Gift to the Left.”

Anybody who believes COVID was pure happenstance is naive at best.  In fact, all indications point to well-laid plans of at least 2 years.

In 2017, Dr. Fauci “predicted” a pandemic during the Trump administration.  In 2018, Bill Gates also made this prediction. Lest either of these men come equipped with crystal balls, this, along with other, suppressed, incriminating evidence, does NOT pass the smell test.

Despite, or because, Every Effort by the Left and DS to take this president down, they knew the chances of the Left reclaiming the WH was slim to NONE.  They needed something monumental to stop the Trump Train, a movement which, as of last year, was spreading around the world … “Cue Up” a Pandemic and unprecedented Absolute Power for Oligarchy Lusting tyrants all over the globe. “Cue Up,”  massive fraud via mail-in voting, a corrupted computerized voting system, and an army of DNC operatives willing to commit criminal acts, “for the cause,” because, “by ANY means,” is just that, what EVER it takes.

DECADES of BETRAYALS, Point Break: America’s Final Judgment Day

The American people have suffered a MOUNTAIN of Betrayals and have HAD ENOUGH.

People like Mo Brooks, Tim Hawley, Tommy Tuberville, every Courageous Patriot that has, and continues to, stand Strong behind this amazing, America loving president DEDICATED to WeThePpl, THEY will be held up as the heroes who saved a nation.  Those such as Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Thune, Cornyn, Blunt, every STATE GOP leader like Kemp, Raffensperger or any other holder of a State House or Senate seat BETRAYING THEIR PEOPLE, THEY will be remembered as those COWARDS who eagerly certified the greatest theft America has ever witnessed and greased the skids of America as a Communist State.

Sadly, Establishment Republicans are stuck back in time, back when their lies and deceptions were passively accepted, when hope sprang eternal they would somehow do better.  THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.  The GOP FAIL to understand, the Republican Electorate BELONGS TO DONALD TRUMP.  We The People waited, yearned for DECADES for just one, courageous man to stand up against the filth that has become The DC Swamp, to the GOP. Their Supreme Arrogance will be their undoing … America will see to that.

January 6 Will Tell the Tale

As Brian Kemp sits in the Georgia Governor’s mansion thanks to the help of President Trump, he continues to desert Georgia and America by REFUSING to STOP the fraud.  A recent attempt to clean up the mess was stopped by a judge who just happens to be a sister of radical and delusionary Stacey Abrams.  As Raffensberger stands in the way of an HONEST runoff election, I would appeal to every Georgia patriot:

NOW IS NOT the time to seek revenge against your state traitors.  Remember this, “revenge is a dish best served cold.”  FIRST, get to the polls and make SURE Democrats are denied this final theft.  There will be plenty of time to address deal with miscreants like Kemp and Raffensberger after the runoff.

At present, California is organizing to remove their lunatic governor … Utah continues to explore what steps they must take to recall their Deep State liar/betrayer Mitt Romney, Michigan is exploring their options in removing NitWit Witmer … yes, there will be plenty of time to put the garbage out AFTER Jan.5.  Meanwhile, the priority must be to keep the senate.  We will concern ourselves later, after the runoff election, as to what the back story is with Kemp and Raffingsberger.  Guarantee, it must be very big for these men to publicly, blatantly commit political suicide.

Republican Legislators of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, FOR GOD’S SAKE, either step up and save this great nation or join the crowd of betrayers greasing the skids of America’s demise.  This is YOUR moment; it is YOUR once in a lifetime moment to either shine as heroes or joins the Old Republican Guard in the House and Senate as they descend into shame and ruin.

Our list of Hero vs. Enemy Within will soon be finalized.  No longer do we wonder who among our political leaders are genuine American patriots or who are long betraying weasels.  Simply put, those who stand with our president, Donald Trump, will be long be recognized as men and women who answered the final call to save our nation.  Those who refuse to answer this call will be counted among the GOP treasonous Swamp Rats who WILL be kicked to the curb.

With an abundance of ignorance, Establishment Republicans actually believe Washington will return to business as usual.  After all, they have gotten away with many decades of betrayals. They actually believe this too shall pass.  They could NOT be more mistaken.

Pay attention, Republicans. There will be no more business as usual. HEAR US, the GOP’s future, the Republican Electorate DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU, it BELONGS to America First Patriots.  And this FINAL BETRAYAL will be neither forgotten nor forgiven.

Now or Never

Next week, every able-bodied patriot must go to Washington and refuse to leave until this COUP is stopped.  SCOTUS, other cowards, decline to act for fear of left-wing actions?  It’s time our voices are heard, loud and clear.

Whether you are DC bound or not, it is IMPERATIVE EVERY Member of Congress read this article.  Post it everywhere but, most especially, to those Republicans contemplating this last, greatest betrayal.

After January 6, there will be a follow-up to this article, which WILL list those who stood up for our Republic and those who, at our greatest hour of need, became collaborators in the Overthrow of our Government.

Now get busy, PLEASE.

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Seems like savior Donald is another player in the game, finding gavi