America-hating Rep. Omar introduces communist UBI


Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., the anti-America, anti-Semitic representative, said on Wednesday that she will introduce a universal basic income (UBI) program. Universal Basic Income is communism.

She said the plan will “get money in people’s pockets” in a Wednesday tweet reflective of comments President Biden made when he proposed an increase in weekly unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans in January during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is long overdue,” the Minnesota congresswoman and “Squad” member said in the Wednesday tweet responding to an article from the Star Tribune about Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s plan to give about 200 low-income families $500 a month over two years using excess American Rescue Plan funds.

“Next step: Implementing UBI nationwide,” Omar tweeted. “This Congress, I’ll be introducing a UBI pilot program to get money in people’s pockets.”

She wants Americans reliant on the government dole as she redistributes all our wealth.

Perhaps Americans should get jobs instead and keep their freedoms.

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