Barely-there Joe to hold failed meetings with the G7 and Putin


Before he left Washington for his first foreign trip as president, Biden told reporters his goal for the visit is “strengthening the alliance” and “making clear to Putin and to China that Europe and the United States are tight and the G7 is gonna move,” CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins reported.

What does that even mean coming from a man in the throes of dementia?

He is meeting with the G7 in Brussels and will be abroad for eight days.

Unlike Donald Trump, who understands just how weak and compromised Europe is, he thinks they will take a stand against Putin, who supplies their fuel, and Xi, who enriches them financially.

The United States is also bought by China in most pillars of society. We allowed China to dictate our actions regarding the origins of the coronavirus.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to strengthen European financial connections with the Chinese. She has been the most prominent European voice advocating for an EU-China investment deal.

She’s also determined to complete and operationalize the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

The Germans have made clear to the Biden administration they won’t back down on this project, regardless of U.S. pleas or pressure.

Biden caved on sanctions of the builder of Nord Stream 2 and paved the way for the completion of the pipeline.

The pipeline will make Europe dependent on Putin for their energy needs. One flip of the switch and Putin can turn their energy off. On the other hand, Trump’s idea was to get Europe to buy more US oil and gas.

Completion of the pipeline also allows Putin to increase his influence over vulnerable states such as Poland and Ukraine.

Each action divides NATO.


French President Emmanuel Macron, the second most powerful European leader next to Merkel, has also made public statements conflicting with Biden’s comments.

In February, Macron warned against the idea of the European Union joining the U.S. to confront China.

“A situation to join all together against China, this is a scenario of the highest possible conflictuality,” Macron said. “This one, for me, is counterproductive.”

Macron also has called for European “strategic autonomy” — a phrase that implies a distance between Europe and the U.S.

Donald Trump tried to strengthen NATO, despite the media lies. He demanded they pay their fair share of the costs of the US providing their defense, although Germany and several others never did.

Biden isn’t capable of tough tactics. In fact, he probably doesn’t have a clue how to devise one. The far-left cabal propping him up is ignorant at best.

Meanwhile, as evidence pours out that the China Wuhan virus came from a CCP laboratory, and that the CCP is researching bioweapons, no one is doing a thing.

While blaming Donald Trump, it’s clear there is no way to unify these weak, bought leaders.

A prime objective of the trip is to promote alliance unity on Russia. It’s already failed.


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