America Is Dying: Take New York City For Example


Mayor Adams claims he doesn’t want this flood of foreigners coming in illegally while he, the City Council, and the Governor do everything imaginable to invite them in. Hizzoner wants the federal taxpayer to pay for his bad ideas. We will be $35 trillion in debt with the new $1.2 trillion bill as it is. They sold us out.

He and the city of New York have gone so far as to allow anonymous people here illegally to take over homes of legal residents and citizens and become automatic legal residents after thirty days.

Then, the owner must pay lawyers and so many other expenses to get them out. Sometimes, the owners pay with their lives.

Via Collin Rugg

Stephen Miller writes:

Joe Biden freed Laken Riley’s alleged murder as part of a mass release program for adult illegal males.

The House Democrat leader and the vast majority of his conference voted against the Laken Riley Act.

Every Senate Democrat just unanimously voted to give illegal aliens representation in Congress and the Electoral College. Biden called for AMNESTY for illegal aliens in his State of the Union — and his entire party supports giving illegals a full path to voting citizenship.

Biden’s DHS is even buying free airline tickets for illegals to resettle them across the USA — unvetted, unchecked, unscreened.

The invasion is planned, premeditated, purposeful, and deliberate.

And innocent American families will keep paying the price in tears and blood.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump. He’ll close the borders.

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