Claims of “Lawlessness” on NYC Subways Increases Danger


The Guardian headline: “Claims of lawlessness on New York City subways increase danger, critics say.”

The article goes like this:

A high-profile string of violent crimes on New York City’s subway in 2024 has been used “as a political tool” by pundits and politicians, transit advocates say, leading to a false perception of spiraling underground crime, which could create more danger in the future.

Crime in the subway system, one of the world’s most used rapid transit systems, declined in 2022 and decreased again in 2023, according to police. But subway crime is up so far in 2024, and it is the nature and violence of the incidents that has captured public attention.

In February, a man was shot and killed on a subway train in the Bronx, and a person was killed, and five others injured on a Bronx subway platform in what police said was a gang-related shooting. The same month, a subway conductor was stabbed in the neck on a train in Brooklyn; in March, a man was shot with his own gun on a train in Brooklyn after being disarmed by a fellow passenger.

It’s all good, as you can see. If only people would stop talking about it.

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