‘America Is Trash’, Red States Are ‘Hee Haw’ Say University Students


In a video published Friday, Slightly Offens*ve’s Elijah Schaffer interviewed students at the University of Southern California. Some expressed pure hate for their own country and countrymen. Why are they here then?

“America is trash and I look forward to the day it burns down,” one student said while rushing off.

If so, why doesn’t he leave and go to a country he does like, if there is one?

One was asked to describe America and she said, it’s “not freedom”. She would describe it as “Hee Haw”, all those red states, Republicans and Conservatives, we are “trying to vote them out, but it’s not really happening until they all die off kinda”.

There were other students who presented sane, intelligent perspectives. As one asked, does it make sense to support foreign nationals and not conservatives in your own country?



  1. The plight of college students is dismal, propaganda has darkened their thinking, no spiritual maintenance equals blackout of their souls, making them vulnerable to Satanic doctrine and Marxist indoctrination.

  2. Excellent pamphlet-‘Obama’s War on the Young,’ by John Perazzo, during the election of 2008, it was young voters who stood huddled in stadiums waiting for Barack Obama’s arrival and then cheered themselves hoarse with slogans such as “We are the change we’ve been waiting for.”

  3. If you came to a midwest university you would find they didn’t like those on the coast but I don’t think hatred would be the word. They would likely call those identified as liberals as misguided or eloquently weird.

  4. Why the surprise? You have Marxists teaching your children since kindergarten and you expect them to be ardent defenders of civil liberties? Does a farmer plant wheat and expect to reap corn? The fastest way to defeat this scourge is to get the government out of the education business. If parents and students want to pay for this evil to be spread, let them do it on their own dime. when education has to be worth the money one pays for it, most if not all excess falls away.

  5. Bring it on you ignorant little soyfags, Hee Haw would be happy to wipe you off the map permanently.

    What are you waiting for you millenial twit?

  6. What amazes me is how So many think of the 60’s as the “free speech” era and, as such, Berkeley was considered the center. That was hardly the case. Instead, it was the beginning of the destruction of institutions. Those Berkeley students used a mantra of “speech” in a way to garner public opinion, but the purpose was to “take control” of the University and for Them to decide on what projects could and could not be implemented. Basically, certain students wanted to take control and use certain properties as their own. Reagan, as Governor, in Trump fashion, described those students accurately for what they were. As it is for Trump today, so was it for Regan then, as the media went after Reagan.

    That was the beginning, a derivative that came out of the Beatnik era in the 50’s, and morphed into what we have today. Each generation has compounded the problem to the point whereby Anti free speech is now “free speech”.

    The solution I could see is Universities would be liable for the student loans of individuals who were sold a bill of goods that have no practical value, except for the pockets of those Universities. Degrees that have no inherent value would be subject to refunds to those individuals. This type of solution would make it imperative that those institutions provide an adequate education that results in an ability for livelihood. Otherwise they would lose out on whatever fees they collected. As it stands today many Universities are a joke when it comes to education.

  7. Best way to get rid of this insanity is to first end tenure. Require teachers and professors to teach and teach what will eventually make the student capable of making money.

    Second, get the government out of the student loan business. When Obama-era government took over student loans schools began to teach anything to take a student’s money regardless of the return on investment of time and/or money,

  8. With the destruction of religious and moral values, it is far too easy for the herd mentality of moral relativism to rot the brains of the masses. That is what elitists want, to allow them a significantly easier time at manipulating the mobocracy into the self-enslavement of the population to the will of the tyrannical left. The level of Orwellian doublethink that has become the core of academia makes the Two Minute Hate the perpetual, continuous mindset of the pseudointellectuals so impressed with their edumakashun.

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