America, THANK GOD it wasn’t Biden…and God Help us if it ever is




It’s time we have an earnest and honestly compare and contrast the handling of COVID-19 vs. Swine Fly.

2009-2010 VP Biden was tapped by President Obama to handle the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic.  No doubt, Obama was very busy handling other matters like flooding America with people he knew would never assimilate in this country.  He was very concerned with purging every federal agency, including the military, of unbiased people and instead, loading all of them with Deep State operatives from middle management on up.  So it would be Joe addressing Swine.

Obama-Biden completely ignored H1N1 for six long months.  During those six months when, shockingly, it became evident approximately 61 MILLION Americans were infected with this strain of Coronavirus, O-Biden issued orders in late July, STOP TESTING.  It is imperative to note, at that point, there were nearly 10 TIMES more Swine cases than today’s COVID numbers. Also important, Swine was a strain of Corona particularly brutal for younger people vs COVID’s more vicious attack on the elderly.

CDC survival rates of COVID, ages 0-19 is 99.997%  ages 20-49 is 99.98%  ages 50-69 is 99.5%  age70+ is 94.6%

358 Swine child deaths; COVID child deaths less than 100*

H1N1 infected as many as 1.4 Billion people and killed as many as 575,400. Of those deaths, 80% were people under the age of 65.  This likely because, although Swine was also, “novel,” many older people were previously exposed to strains similar enough to give them herd immunity.

Nearly 68 MILLION Americans were sick, and WITHOUT the massive COVID-like testing, all testing abruptly halted … America, you will NEVER be allowed to know just how devastating that outbreak was. O-Biden, Democrat media, and DS infiltrated CDC, FDA made damned SURE of that.

There remain other striking differences between these two epidemics. During the Obama years, the first occurred when the 95% left-wing sycophanting media happily hid any derogatory O-Biden news from America and the world.  We vaguely heard about Swine but it was kept conveniently and for the most part, under the radar.

It’s About Who is Doing the Counting…

“Those who vote decide nothing.  Those who count the vote decide everything,” declared Joseph Stalin decades ago.  This is something Democrats have long taken to heart.  Every election season there are reports from many districts, come time to count mail-in/absentee ballots, Republicans are locked out of the backroom counting.  This concept has reared its ugly head in the counting of, not just COVID infected but, importantly, in COVID deaths.

There have been several courageous doctors (and other related professionals) reporting they have been instructed to check the COVID box on death certificates regardless of the other many primary causes of deaths.  I say, “courageous,” because, whether it is the disgraceful politicization of HCQ or any other health matter, those health care professionals stepping forward with information NOT conforming with the MSM/DemLeft narratives have immediately been set upon by the Hounds of Hell.

It’s Money; It’s Politics

Project Veritas released several videos of multiple funeral directors in NYC confirm C19 has been used as COVID even when decedents were never even tested.  Physicians in hospitals have been instructed to check that C19 box and are handsomely rewarded by exponentially increased federal and insurance monies.

March 24, CDC issued “guidance” telling hospitals, “list COVID 19 as a cause of death regardless of whether or not there’s actual testing to confirm that’s the case.”

Ladies, Gentlemen, CAN YOU IMAGINE under Biden’s handling of Swine, when MORE THAN TEN TIMES more Americans were infected, what THOSE death stats would have looked like?

Illinois Dept of Health director, Dr. Ngozi Ezike, explains it how it works perfectly: “if you were in Hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means, technically even if you died of a clear alternative cause … it’s still listed as a COVID death.”

THIS is the “new format,” adopted by many states.  Some with the caveat, if decedents are NOT tested, presume they were infected.

Outrageously, patients who have died of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, even automobile accidents, ALL listed COVID as COD.  One mother of 3 young children is now forced to do battle with her insurance company.  Her husband had a life insurance rider increasing the death benefit should he lose his life to cancer.  As his battle with cancer was all but lost, he was admitted to hospice.  Upon his death, the facility checked that COVID box and BAM, the insurance company is refusing to make good on the man’s cancer insurance rider.

Dr. Birx herself admitted, “in the U.S. you are counted as a victim of the pandemic if you die while testing positive for the virus, even if something else caused your death.”  But it becomes more devious … many state health officials have issued orders if the decedent did not HAVE a test, they were to be counted as C19 positive.  Orders for this “new format” of counting was issued back in June/July when COVID numbers began precipitously dropping.  It was obviously, a direct threat for the massive push by Democrats for the mail-in voting campaign, and the equally MASSIVE voter fraud the DNC is heavily dependent on.

There are also numerous stories of Americans being contacted and informed they are C19 positive with a major glitch … they were never tested!  In July, some 600,000 Tricare users of the military health system were sent emails asking them to donate blood to collect convalescent plasma-based upon their status as previously infected with COVID … that was NOT the case.

Biden’s Own Chief of Staff ADMITTED…

Ron Klain, Biden’s COS, ripped the O’Biden administration: “A bunch of really talented, really great people (were) on it and we did everything possible, WRONG, … it was purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history … it had nothing to do with us doing anything right.”

I submit to you, America … if H1N1, Swine, was reported on, was massively massaged in the same manner as COVID, if stats were counted and managed in the same as COVID, the numbers of infected exponentially higher, DEATHS of COVID would be in the MILLIONS.  Not a single doubt about it.

The Timeline is STUNNING
  • January 11: Chinese state media reports first known death from the virus “originating in Wuhan market”
  • January 15: Speaker Pelosi has voted for sending articles of impeachment to the senate and signing ceremony with souvenir gold pens  **Note, Dems attempt to impeach Pres Trump FOR CRIMES AGAINST UKRAINE BY BIDEN
  • Jan 21: First-person with COVID arrives in the U.S. from Wuhan
  • Jan 23: House impeachment managers make opening arguments for removing Pres. Trump
  • Jan 23: China closes off the city of Wuhan to protect their people
  • Jan 30 Senate begins two days of questioning in the impeachment trial.
  • Jan 30, the WHO declares a global health emergency as COVID spreads
  • Jan 31, Senate holds a vote on whether to consider more witnesses and documents at the impeachment trial.
  • Jan 31 Pres Trump announces China travel restrictions
  • Feb 1: Joe Biden responds to China travel ban accusing Trump of “hysterical Xenophobia and fearmongering, “
  • Feb 2: First death from COVID outside of China reported (Philippines)
  • Feb 3: House impeachment managers begin closing arguments calling Trump “national security threat.”
  • Feb 4: President Trump talks about Coronavirus in his SOTU address; Pelosi rips up every page of speech
  • Feb 5: Senate votes to acquit Pres Trump on both articles
  • Feb 5: House Democrats finally take up Coronavirus
  • Feb 22: NYC Heath Commissioner-Go ride the subway, the bus, TRAVELERS FROM WUHAN, DO NOT SELF QUARANTINE (Feb. 2, “To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year) “Barbot the Super Spreader.”
  • Feb 24: Pelosi does walking tour of San Fran’s Chinatown, “: You should all come to Chinatown”
  • Feb 27: Pelosi, Democrats working on a bill to block Pres Trump’s travel bans
  • Feb 29: Pres Trump has FDA lift restrictions on private lab testing
  • Mar 12: Biden again attacks Trump for EU travel ban, calls him RACIST, vows if pres, end ALL travel bans
  • Mar 18, Pres Trump invokes Defense Production Act
  • Mar 7: Democrat
Biden the Plagiarizer

Why Biden soundly lost his several prior attempts for POTUS?  He was proven to have a long history of plagiarism and blatant, outrageous lies. In fact, if you go to YouTube, you will find a bevy of news reporters and commentators poking great fun at Biden, taking apart his more shocking, ridiculous lies. And that was BEFORE “Corn Pop” and leg hair.

Initially, Biden came out of the H1N1 gate causing great panic about the Swine pandemic … DON’T travel on planes, trains, buses. After Obama took him to the woodshed, that narrative changed dramatically.

Then there was the issue of Ebola.  If you still wonder if a Democrat president would have the courage or lack thereof, to make America’s correct decision regarding travel bans, the O’Biden acts taken during the Ebola outbreak should scare the hell out of every American. They REFUSED to shut down travel from those parts of Ebola-infected, African nations.

If that doesn’t do it for you, try this:  Imagine, for just one moment, America with WIDE OPEN BORDERS during a pandemic. We all witnessed the incredible, herculean efforts President Trump took to assure there would be enough hospital beds for our sick, and the angst America went through fearing a deficit of hospital beds.  Now imagine plague-infected people pouring into America from every corner of the world.



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3 years ago

If 61 Million people were infected previously, those people may very well be testing positive Now for This virus. Apparently there are tests that are using a CT of 45, which will detect fragments that are indistinguishable between Covid or other coronavirus fragments. But that is not the worst of it. Candace Owens details the worst of the ridiculous mandates from her own experience.