MI focus group: Harris is why I’ll vote for Trump


Speaker Pelosi told us exactly why she wants this bill to redefine the process for the 25th Amendment. In a presser on Friday announcing it, she said “it’s not for Trump.” That leaves Biden, who is clearly unfit due to some kind of mental incapacity. In the end, the extremely far-left Kamala Harris, the ‘female Obama’ would become president.

Harris couldn’t get any traction as a candidate for president. She is unlikeable according to polls. So, it would be like having a politically-appointed president.

Also, I didn’t know Pelosi was going to burn down the Constitution to do it. She describes a process leaving the Vice President out of it. That’s unconstitutional according to Article 4.

Remember when Rep. Ilhan Omar the communist said, “I do believe [Tara] Reade [who accused Biden of raping her]. Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.” She adds that if it was up to her, Biden wouldn’t be the candidate. It sounded like she knew Biden would be dumped very soon after the election. While making assumptions, these are reasoned assumptions.

Others know it’s true. They are planning on President Harris, a communist woman.

It is affecting people in Michigan:

How do you vote for someone knowing he will be replaced by another person who got zero traction as a candidate? Are we wrong?

And neither of them will tell you if they will stack the court so they obviously will. That’s the only body that protects our individual rights.

Trump’s accurate in saying Gallup reports 56% still feel they are better off now than under Obama-Biden despite the virus. This President can bring us back to economic success, not Biden with the awful policies they are pushing.



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