American Dystopia: 221 Democrats Blocked a Bill to End K-12 Masks


A total of 221 Democrats blocked a bill to end mask mandates for K-12 children nationwide. This is what they want for Americans. They are authoritarians who want to keep us under control and they can’t admit they’re wrong.

Democrats will create an American dystopia if we let them.

Kevin McCarthy tweeted: Every single House Democrat just voted against rescinding universal mask mandates in K-12 schools. They voted against students, against parental choice, and against science.


The head of the American Federation of Teachers, a radical proponent of masking children, indicated she might go along with dropping masks if the CDC agrees [and they haven’t]. AFT President Randi Weingarten claimed they were “talking about off-ramps.”

Willie Geist on Morning Joe said there is a lot of “science” on COVID-19, children, and masks, and none of it supports mask mandates in the classroom.

She said she wrote to the CDC, and to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona in November, asking them to “start a transparent process and work with educators and parents on the metrics and standards for easing indoor mask requirements without sacrificing safety.”

She said she hasn’t received a response.

They won’t find science to support masks. There isn’t any, not one peer-reviewed study supporting it. What they are talking about is political, and only political.


Anya Kamenetz writes at NPR: Students can’t always understand teachers; young children, unable to see faces in classrooms, may not be developing emotional skills; and children of all ages are having a harder time making connections.

“They’re not developing empathy,” Stephanie Avanessian, a Los Angeles mother, told NPR. “It’s taken six months for my fifth grader to make friends because it’s so hard to tell what people are doing.”

For reasons like this, Europe’s infectious disease agency does not recommend masking for children under 12, and many countries avoid masking preschoolers. The U.S. stands out for its aggressive use of masks on young children.


None of that means a thing to Randi Weingarten. She won’t let up on masks because she blames children for the spread, people have to feel safe, and they have to make sure the virus is not transmissible. That sounds like zero transmission. This woman has tremendous power over the CDC and will not let up. CDC Director Walensky just came out and strongly recommended not taking masks off the children. Dr. Fauci has said the same. He appears to want the mandates to go on in perpetuity.

We’d like to see the science, and not political science, to support this because we are losing our freedoms.


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