American in Afghanistan Begs Biden to Rescue Him & His Wife


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) on Thursday released a letter to President Joe Biden written by an American citizen from San Diego, California, who is still trapped in Afghanistan alongside his wife.

“I am pleading with you again as a fellow proud American and as a husband to help my wife and I get home from Afghanistan,” the American citizen wrote in the October 15 letter to President Biden, weeks after the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from the Taliban-controlled country.

The American and his wife risked their lives to get through Taliban checkpoints, only to discover that the October 4 flight was canceled “because passengers did not have visas for UAE, where the flight was to land.” Another flight left on October 11, but the American said they never received a call to go to the airport.

Biden appears to be a nasty, heartless man who will pretend he is doing something while doing nothing.

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