American ISIS destroys statues & history throughout the nation–no accountability


Allegedly, statues were targeted in protest of colonialism, gentrification, and capitalism when, in reality, they are simply looking to destroy our culture.

While you were feasting alone or daring to enjoy a turkey with family or loved ones on one of our most meaningful holidays, American ISIS was tearing down our monuments. They are destroying American history, and our politicians are going along with it.

This is far worse than just destroying statues. They are tearing us apart, along with everything we represent. These people are communist trash who plan to replace our heroes with their communist idols as they rewrite our history in a Stalinist fashion.

They destroyed or graffitied presidents including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, pioneers, memorials to veterans. Even though most of these Antifa and Black Lives Matter are white, they hate white Europeans who made some wonderful contributions to this country. They want to tear it down and have no clue what they’d replace it with other than totalitarianism and lawlessness.


In Washington state, the Spokane Police Department reported that a statue of 16th President Abraham Lincoln was vandalized with red paint. In contrast, multiple colonial statues — including one of George Washington — were defaced and toppled overnight in Minneapolis.

“No more genocide” and “all colonizers are bastards” were scrawled in red graffiti on the works.

Lincoln freed the slaves and gave his life for this country!

Communist Pan-Indigenous Peoples’ Liberation

The Pan-Indigenous People’s Liberation (PIPL) network took responsibility for the move. It explained in a statement that it was partly in response to a call out for a “national decolonial day of action.“

The American Indian Movement had previously pulled down a statue of explorer Christopher Columbus outside the state capitol.

It’s not really an Indian movement. It’s a Marxist movement with an excuse.

Portland, Ore., protesters tagged local markets and a monument dedicated to the veterans of the Civil War, Mexican, Spanish and Indian wars with anti-colonialist rhetoric.

Local law enforcement arrested three suspects at Portland’s Lone Fir Cemetery.

The Midwestern hub of Chicago witnessed a similar effort, though protesters ultimately failed to knock down a park statue of President William McKinley on Wednesday.

The words “land back” were painted in multiple cities, referring to the LANDBACK campaign. The indigenous movement aims to develop communities sustainably, defend American land, and fight against White supremacy.

It’s all hard-left insanity. It’s not against white supremacy as in KKK. It’s about all whites who are in the majority. They want us subservient now.

They Plan to Destroy Mount Rushmore

The closure of Mount Rushmore, return of that land, and all public lands in the Black Hills, South Dakota, is our cornerstone battle, from which we will build out this campaign. Not only does Mount Rushmore sit in the heart of the sacred Black Hills, but it is an international symbol of white supremacy and colonization.

And, in Minneapolis, two statues were graffitied on Thursday, CBSN Minnesota reported. One of George Washington was toppled and splattered with paint, and on another statue, the words “no thanks,” “no more genocide,” “decolonize,” and “land back” were spray-painted on it.

They use fake genocide and colonization in lieu of settlers as a ruse to infiltrate the nation with communism.

In Spokane, Washington, an Abraham Lincoln statue was also vandalized with red paint late Wednesday or early Thursday, the Spokane Police Department said.

Minneapolis Pioneer monument

The graffiti on the pioneers’ monument in Minneapolis appeared to be protesting colonialism. The monument depicts three generations of a pioneer family standing before sheaves of grain, signifying the agricultural product and flour industry that played a large part in creating the city. The Pillsbury family, founders of the famous Pillsbury flour brand, gifted the sculpture to the city during the Great Depression, Sommers said.

The front of the monument features men holding a rifle, ax, and plow. A woman and her newborn stand at their side. On the back of the statue’s base, an engraving shows an American Indian handing a peace pipe to the Rev. Louis Hennepin, a Catholic missionary and explorer of North America.

Sommers said the Park Board had received complaints about the statue’s content and subject matter. This spring, the Park Board placed a sign near the statue acknowledging the complaints and invited people to share their thoughts.

What is really sad is Americans are letting them do it. There is no outcry, and we can blame the media for that. They have silenced all opposition.


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