Jon Voight warns America of the danger we face in a now-viral video


Actor Jon Voight, a conservative firebrand, has a message warning Americans about the danger of a Biden Administration.

He called California a one-party state ruled by the mob with a governor that has taken away our freedoms, along with Nancy Pelosi. Newsom has destroyed peoples’ lives, people who depended on their businesses.

And now he wants to shut down again. “He is a lie,” trying to take down this country, along with his fellow liberals [leftists], he continued.

Mr. Voight is asking Americans to fight this battle now and get all these people out.

His peers have told him he is “preaching violence,” when in fact they are.

The left is burning and destroying our cities. Let the truth show itself in the courts. He believes “God’s truths will expose them all.”

Only Trump can fight this, he says. He wants us all to pray.



If Biden takes office, Biden and his communist handlers and running mate will give amnesty to tens of millions of foreigners, illegal aliens, who will vote for Democrats and give them a permanent electoral majority. At the same time, he will open the borders. The rapid influx of foreigners who aren’t coming here for our values and our culture will not assimilate. It’s the end of America as we know it.

Given the fact that foreigners will be needy, we can expect our culture and our wealth to disappear. Biden and his comrades will redistribute it all and it won’t take long for it to all collapse. We are deeply in debt. Presidents have spent too much money.

Mr. Voight mentioned how Newsom is destroying businesses. Here’s one example:

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