Soundbite Republican? Jim Jordan & Devin Nunes on Danchenko Arrest


Rep. Jim Jordan joined Rep. Devin Nunes on his podcast to hawk still another book I will never read. They touched the surface of the Durham investigation and the arrest of Igor Danchenko. They never went below the surface to explain to listeners that the reason behind the dossier Danchenko helped fabricate and lied about was to provide evidence for a FISA surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

What about the Hillary connection? They didn’t go into it, nor did they explain who Fiona Hill is in much detail.

“The original lie,” is what Jordan calls the Steele affair which was put into play by the Clinton campaign. “I think Jim Comey knew it was garbage,” said Jordan, saying that he “knew that this was baloney from the get-go.”

It’s so much deeper than Jim Comey and there are so many people involved. It’s a wide-ranging plot. And when combined with Molly Ball’s revelations of a cabal of the powerful banding together to take down DJT, it is mind-blowing.

There was none of that in this podcast.

This plot is so much more serious than they portrayed it.

Our Republicans have to get serious or we’re going down in Marxist flames. They have to explain to people more fully without worrying about their next book sale.

The podcast is a good idea but is this what we need? Am I too hard on them?


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