Americans Don’t Want Transgenders Competing in Female Sports


Americans report tolerance for transgender people, but most oppose allowing transgender female athletes to compete against other women at the professional, college, and high school level, according to a Washington Post-University of Maryland poll.

The poll, conducted May 4 through 17 among 1,503 people across the United States, finds 55 percent of Americans opposed to allowing transgender women and girls to compete with other women and girls in high school sports.

Another 58 percent are opposed to it for college and professional sports.

About 3 in 10 Americans said transgender women and girls should be allowed to compete at each of those levels, while an additional 15 percent have no opinion, according to the Washington Post.

The poll asked respondents follow-up questions regarding transgender women competing in women’s sports. Sixty-eight percent of the respondents said that transgender girls would have an advantage competing with biological girls in sports. Two percent said biological girls would have a competitive advantage over transgender girls. Thirty percent said neither would have an advantage.

Transgenders are now defined as anyone saying they are with no or few physical changes. It’s an extreme definition.


This comes about as more and more youth are identifying as transgendering due to groomers making it cool.

A Pew Research Center poll released last Tuesday found that 0.6 percent of Americans identify as transgender, but among people age 18 to 29, the share rose to 2 percent. An additional 1 percent of Americans said they are nonbinary — neither a man nor a woman, or not strictly one or the other — a share that rose to 3 percent of people 18 to 29.

A 2021 Gallup telephone poll found 0.7 percent of adults identifying as transgender, while a slightly larger percentage identified as gay (1.5 percent), lesbian (1.0 percent), bisexual (4.0 percent) or another non-heterosexual identity (0.3 percent).

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