GOPer Maya Flores Wins House Seat in 84.5% Dem District! Also, Key GOP Primary Results Here!


Pro-life Republican and Trump-backed Maya Flores WON a House seat in a reliably Democrat area, the 34th congressional district. It is the second most Hispanic congressional district in the nation with an 84.5% Hispanic population.

Maya Flores, 1st Mexican-born Representative to the House.

Or as Dems say, LatinX.

Flores is only the second Republican to flip a majority Democrat district in the Rio Grande Valley in over 100 years.

 The first time that happened was in 2010. The Hispanic shift is real!

Flores will also be the first Mexican-born member of Congress. How will McConnell treat her?

Dems now have only a five-seat majority.

She beat out Democratic challenger Dan Sanchez on Tuesday in a special election to finish Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela’s current term in South Texas, a competitive congressional seat the GOP believes it can flip for good in November.


In South Carolina, Republican Nancy Mace beat her Trump-backed opponent. Rep. Nancy Mace, narrowly survived a Trump-fueled primary challenge by former state Rep. Katie Arrington in her Lowcountry district. She didn’t vote to impeach Trump. While Rice did.

Impeachment Never-Trumper Republican Tom Rice lost to his Trump-backed opponent Russell Fry.

Jim Marchant will win the Republican nomination for secretary of state in Nevada, CNN projects.

Marchant, a former state assemblyman and 2020 congressional candidate, has been a vocal proponent of election lies, even saying on his website that his number one priority will be to “overhaul the fraudulent election system in Nevada.”

After Marchant lost a 2020 congressional bid to Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford, he brought a lawsuit claiming voter fraud, but it was later dismissed.

Adam Laxalt will win the Nevada Republican nomination for Senate, CNN projects.

The former state attorney general is backed by a long list of conservative leaders, including former President Donald Trump (Laxalt joined a lawsuit to challenge the 2020 election results in Nevada).

Laxalt won the nomination over Army veteran Sam Brown, who suffered severe burns while serving in Afghanistan and won the state party’s endorsement.

But, YAY Maya Flores!!!

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1 year ago

Crazy Liberal Politicians should be looking for a country that doesn’t have extradition because the Silient Majority is fed up and will be coming for the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat Liberal Losers who committed Treason. They need to learn how to say Political Asylum and hope some 3rd World Despot Country will have pity on them. Don’t expect China to take you in.