America’s Last Days


If you haven’t read the article, Outside the Defensible Perimeter, you really need to read it. It should be required reading for every American were that possible. Our border ranchers are abandoned, left to fend for themselves. No one is even trying to protect them.

Here is an excerpt:

The defensible border is moving north all the time. The crime starts here, but it does not end here. It is in your neighborhood, too.

You hear the stories whenever people get together. I hear them when I am driving with a rancher friend and we pass a car with someone she knows. It’s the kind of place where you can stop in the middle of the road and have a chat. Did you hear about so and so?

Neighbors are worried about an 80-something widow who always gives illegals food and water. This time when she opened her door at 3 a.m., the illegals pushed into the house, tied her up and robbed her.  Living by herself was never a problem before. These are not rural Mexicans looking for work, like when she was young. They are dangerous criminals. Will she be able to keep her home?

Neighbors are worried because a crucial member of the community—the man who digs wells—was waylaid on a distant ranch, taken at gunpoint along with his truck, his family’s lives threatened if he ever told, and forced to transport a load of drugs.

Neighbors are worried because the illegal they spotted crossing their ranch was no Mexican. They took a photo with a long lens. I look at their photo. It sure looks like the long, narrow face of a Somali.

Neighbors are worried because an older couple on an isolated ranch (is there any other kind?) were in bed asleep, when they heard men ransacking their kitchen. This was the third time. A few months ago, the wife was forced at gunpoint to take a pregnant woman to the hospital to deliver an anchor baby. How much longer will they be able to keep the ranch?

Another neighbor arrived home from the hour and a half trip to the nearest supermarket. The ground was muddy, so he carried his five-year-old daughter to the front door of his small house. When he turned around with a heavy bag of groceries in each arm, there was an illegal standing in the doorway, between him and his daughter. The illegal was wearing the man’s clothes, his hat, and was wearing his gun.

Given the circumstances, the American father ran the guy off with no confrontation. Next day, border patrol called. They’d caught the thief—could he come by to identify his clothes and gun. The answer was sure, but it would be two hours, as he was at a doctor’s appointment. Our neighbor was told, “We’re not allowed to hold him that long. We’ll have to let him go.”

And they did.

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is gleeful about the changing demographics of red states in the Sun Belt. She knows they can be flipped by some really awful people piling into the country.

She told Rolling Stone that “Georgia’s demography is an example of what’s happening maybe more slowly everywhere else in the Sun Belt” and said, “part of the obligation of effective leaders is anticipating that change.”

It is happening all over the country and all the people aren’t wonderful.

Many of the people coming are communists.

Look at what it has done for California:

As soon as the. President talked of amnesty, they came in masses.

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