America’s New Marxist Military


A year ago, in June 2022, former Lieutenant Colonel Matt Lohmeier sat for an interview with Regan Long of The Real Deal of Parenting. She asked about his book Irresistible Revolution and his sensational firing from the elite Space Force, where he served as a commander.

They are purging conservatives.

“A lot of active duty service members right now unfortunately are, the word I like to use is being purged, and that sounds somewhat sensational, but their firing right now is directly the result of the current administration’s policies that are causing our service members and many good commanders right now to feel if they’re to keep their integrity intact if they live according to their conscience for example, they need to take a stand which is going to put them at odds with the service, which is a terrible predicament for many good people in uniform.

“But as far as my story goes …I was in command of a space-based missile warning unit in Colorado for the newly formed space force. Before that, I had flown F-15s for the Air Force, was a T38 instructor pilot, and had been in various jobs, but I was trained at the DOD’s strategy school, the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies.

And so I had a bit of a breadth of experience before being in command of a missile warning unit. And as a part of my training, happened to have learned a great deal about Marxist [communist] ideology and Marxist history.

“…so when I came into command right in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and some of them, I’ll call it just political activism for simplicity’s sake, that you and your viewers have had seen through the country that manifested as stomping on police cars and a disrespect for the civil society and the smashing up of windows of small businesses and so forth, and setting things on fire that kind of activism.

Matt Lohmeier
The protected class.

“That spirit was in fact also unfortunately mirrored or manifested across our armed forces, showed up at our workplace, and now it doesn’t mean buildings were on fire at our military installations. But it meant that you had both senior military leaders who had four stars on their shoulders, for example, becoming somewhat activist in their both worldview and in their behavior, and they put that stuff out on official videos while in uniform.

“… you also had [people] supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, for example, or other critical social justice activist movements that were afoot in the country.

“You also had young people in uniform who are just parrots, and they’re a mirror of the broader American Society also becoming activists on their social media accounts, encouraging certain cities in the country to burn down things that should actually end up landing you in prison if you’re wearing the uniform of your country.”

He explained that they are sort of a “protected class,” whether it’s race-based or sexual preference or gender-based…

“I recognized it immediately as being a part of a Marxist [communist] revolutionary impulse because I’d studied it so much. I’d seen it unfold in China. I’d seen it unfold in the early formation of the Soviet Union and in many more countries.”

It led him to write the book.


Mr. Lohmeier recently spoke with Fox News Digital. He said it felt like a “gut punch” when he lost his pension after serving more than a decade in the military.

The blow was severe,” he said. “It makes you feel like you’ve been betrayed.”

He believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion policies in the military… is steeped in Critical Race Theory, is rooted in anti-American, Marxist ideology.”

The sacrifice meant nothing to these people.

“You give your life and service to your country and the American people, and you’re not doing it for the pay. You’re doing it because you become [convinced] of the greatness of the American ideal. And… senior leaders [then] say, ‘We want you out of the way because your view is not welcome here,’ even as they pretend to care about inclusivity, even as they pretend to care about diversity, [but] not diversity of thought,” Lohmeier told Fox News Digital.

“There was a whole string of events that did lead up to my being relieved of command,” he said. “The ultimate reason was because I was willing to be publicly critical of critical race theory, which I understood to be rooted in Marxist ideology… that I saw dividing the troops.”

“I wasn’t advocating for Republicans over Democrats, and I’m conservative myself. But it didn’t matter to me. And it’s never mattered to our troops what someone else’s politics were,” the ex-commander added. “This is not a partisan issue.”

He wants Marxism out of the military.

“So I’m willing to die on this hill and speak up about this and say this is an extremely dangerous territory that we’ve entered,” he said, noting that he “weighed the cost” of doing that but was “surprised” by the “swift” response of senior leadership in stripping him of his command and firing him.

He has a documentary coming out:

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