America’s Shocking Descent Into a Feudal 3rd World Society


The Left is quickly transforming the United States into a Third World S*hole, beginning with Democrat cities and the acceptance of crime with few repercussions and whatever filth protected classes such as the homeless choose to leave. Sites to shoot up drugs are proliferating with one recently established in New York City by communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm.

The new rule is stealing is okay. Multimillionaire actor Seth Rogen, who is well-guarded, claims thefts from cars are minor things to lose. For him, that might be true, but not the rest of us peons.

Unfortunately, it is the ideology spreading around cities like San Francisco and LA, where homeless and other vagabonds can break into anyone’s car without fear of repercussions. In those cities, people can steal up to $950 per theft without any problem at all. They can then do whatever they want with the stolen goods.

Victor Davis Hanson calls it Third Worldization: the utter breakdown of the law and the ability of the rich within such a feudal society to find ways to avoid the violent chaos.

VDH, who has traveled throughout the mid-East, southern Europe, Mexico, and Asia Minor for the past 45 years, said contemporary America bears common characteristics to Third Word Society.

“Whether in Cairo or Naples, theft was commonplace. Yet property crimes were almost never seriously prosecuted,” he wrote at RealClearPolitics.

“In a medieval-type society of two rather than three classes, the rich in walled estates rarely worry that much about thievery. Crime is written off as an intramural problem of the poor, especially when the middle class is in decline or nonexistent.”

He does cite differences in America’s new criminality, however.

“One is the virtual impunity of it. Thieves now brazenly swarm a store, ransack, steal, and flee with the merchandise without worry of arrest.

“Second, the Left often justifies crime as a sort of righteous payback against a supposedly exploitative system. So, the architect of the so-called 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, preened of the riotous destruction of property during the summer of 2020: “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence.”

“Third Worldization reflects the asymmetry of law enforcement. Ideology and money, not the law, adjudicate who gets arrested and tried, and who does not,” he states.

There were 120 days of continuous looting, arson, and lethal violence during the summer of 2020. Rioters burned courthouses, police precincts, and an iconic church. About 14,000 were arrested but were released without bail. Most had charges dropped. Very few are awaiting charges, VDH points out. [Now we have smash and grab, a logical extension of Democrat policies.]

By contrast, the one-day rampage on the Capitol on J6 resulted in solitary confinement and harsh jail conditions, even for misdemeanors. They included lengthy prison stays for hundreds and is now the subject of a witch hunt committee run by Democrats and two never Trumpers.

The convicted J6 rioters or simple paraders are facing long prison sentences, and many are given court-appointed deprogrammers for lawyers.

VDH writes: A common denominator to recent controversies at the Justice Department, CIA, FBI, and Pentagon is that all these agencies under dubious pretexts have investigated American citizens with little or no justification – after demonizing their targets as “treasonous,” “domestic terrorists,” “white supremacists,” or “racists.”

“In the Third World, basic services like power, fuel, transportation, and water are characteristically unreliable: in other words, much like a frequent California brownout,” VDH continues.

“I’ve been on five flights in my life where it was announced there was not enough fuel to continue to the scheduled destination. The plane was required either to turn around or land somewhere on the way. One such aborted flight took off from Cairo, another from southern Mexico. The other three were this spring and summer inside the United States.”

While in Algiers and other similar places, VDH saw beggars sleeping on sidewalks, but they couldn’t compare “to the encampments of present-day Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, or San Francisco. Tens of thousands live on sidewalks and in open view use them to defecate, urinate, inject drugs, and dispose of refuse.”

“In the old Third World, extreme wealth and poverty existed in close proximity. It was common to see peasants on horse-drawn wagons a few miles from coastal villas. But there is now far more contiguous wealth and poverty in Silicon Valley. In Redwood City and East Palo Alto, multiple families cram into tiny bungalows and garages, often a few blocks from tony Atherton,” he says.

The rich navigate around the misery of others ignoring them except when virtue signaling and telling the rest of us what to do.

Listen this related video on feudalism:

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