J6 Committee Demands AT&T Customer Records & Data on a Phone # Only


The J6 Beria Witch Hunt Committee subpoenaed private phone records and data from call logs to IP addresses.

According to Fox News, the AT&T notice sent to a private citizen customer simply stated:

“The AT&T Global Legal Demand Center responds to subpoenas addressed to AT&T companies,” the document, which includes a copy of the subpoena, says. “We have received the enclosed congressional subpoena directing AT&T to disclose information about you, your account or one or more phone numbers associated with you.”

“As a courtesy, we are sending this notice to your address on file to enable you to contest the subpoena if you wish to do so,” the notice continues. It adds that the company will respond to the subpoena by Dec. 16 unless the customer takes legal action to fight the subpoena.

It was a broad request for personal details just based on a phone number, lending support to the idea that this is a fishing expedition.

This includes all the authorized users on a certain account, email addresses associated with it, the length of service with the company, every phone number on an account, electronic serial numbers, the “[a]ctivation and termination date of each device associated with the account,” “[a]ny and all number and/or account number changes” and “[o]ther subscriber numbers or identities,” including temporary IP addresses.

The subpoena includes a demand for “all call, message, (SMS & MMS), Internet Protocol (‘IP’), and data-connection detail records associated with the phone numbers, including all phone numbers, IP addresses or devices that communicated with the phone number via delivered and undelivered inbound, outbound, and routed calls, messages, voicemails and data connections.”

All Democrats do is conduct witch hunts to destroy the opposition.

This is an outrageous infringement on American rights and they know most people can’t afford lawyers to fight it.

The goal is to keep the political assault going until 2024.

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