Amish community in PA is the 1st in USA to reach herd immunity


The Plain Amish community in Pennsylvania has become the first in the U.S. to achieve herd immunity after reopening churches led to 90% of households being infected with the virus last year, the Daily Mail reports.

This is according to a local administrator of a medical center in the area.

Allen Hoover of the Parochial Medical Center said that 90% of households became infected with the virus when they resumed church services late last spring.

As Hoover observed, faith in herd immunity prompted members of the community to relax on key mitigation efforts such as masking and social distancing.

It’s unknown whether achieving herd immunity in 2020 would be beneficial now.

The medical professionals are afraid it’s making the community feel too confident. The Amish don’t want to get vaccinated and the scientists say they need to since herd immunity is only good for a certain length of time and place.

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