Amy Klobuchar ‘thinks’ her husband took the Trump-promoted drug


Amy Klobuchar, who is undergoing vetting to serve as senile Joe Biden’s running mate, was on The View with her husband a few weeks ago. They were interviewed about his struggle with coronavirus.

Whoopie, who hates Trump, referenced him when she asked about her husband’s treatment. Klobuchar’s response was that Trump told everyone to chug bleach [lie] or to inject light or something [uh, no], although he did ask his expert if injections having the curative powers of these ingredients are possible.

They never mentioned what treatments were used to help her husband, just that the President wasn’t listening to the doctors.

Now, on a radio show, she admitted that she ‘thinks’ he took hydroxychloroquine. She doesn’t know???

She knows or she wouldn’t have admitted that much. She ended with her spiel about the President not listening to the doctors — an easily provable lie. Most of us wish he’d listen to them less often.

Watch, given Joe’s condition, she could end up being the next president:



  1. Oh, no! Instead of a high dollar new drug with no track record and questionable clinical trial results, a readily available inexpensive generic drug proven to work against the Communist Chinese Flu, promoted by the hated PRESIDENT Donald Trump and taken by Democrat Amy Klobuchar’s husband may have lessened his suffering and may have even saved his life. Oh, the humanity.

  2. Yes, the CCP Chinese Communist Peoples virus is an attack upon the entire world. Yet the false news media states the Chinese Communist Peoples virus did not come from china. Well we have an EXCELLENT President who stands up for the United States. Remember the DNC loved Donald when he was a democrat, but hates him because he stands up for America. Get over it bolsheviks, we know the game you are playing

  3. She ain’t black enough for ol Joe. His vetting process includes sniffing her hair to see if she is a real woman.

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