Breaking…President orders Governors to reopen houses of worship now


After thanking Dr. Redfield and the CDC for their work on guidance for religious communities, President Trump issued new guidance for houses of worship. Specifically, he identified churches, mosques, synagogues as ‘essential places that provide essential services.’

He called upon the governors to open houses of worship right now, this weekend. It’s not right that liquor stores and abortion clinics are declared essential, but houses of worship are not, he noted.

It is quite arbitrary.

These are services that hold our society together, President Trump said, adding that many see it as an essential part of life. The faith leaders will make sure their congregations are safe. If governors have questions, they can call him, but they must allow these religious facilities to open right now — this weekend.

If they don’t do it, he will override them.

Watch at the beginning:

Perhaps this will end the reign of terror in a number of states, particularly in New York City and Illinois.

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