An American President: Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris

Given his age, if Joe Biden wins, he might not make it to 2028. In that case, here is your next president: Kamala Harris. Just think about it: maybe 12 years of listening to her deep thoughts.

So, James Woods explains why we are stuck with Joe, which you already know no doubt.

“The Gordian Knot strangling the Democrats at this moment is the original sin they committed to get Biden elected: Kamala Harris,” Woods said.

“They can’t dump an Indian/Black woman for a greasy white grifter (you-know-who) to replace Biden.

“They brought this nightmare to their own doorstep.

So, the nation, if we still exist, can go from this to Kamala:

Kamala has recipes!

And wow to Dr. EdD Jill as her husband, who is at the top of is game, looks on with his extraordinarily sharp intellect [What happened to his cold?]:

He’s sharp, very, very sharp:

And those stunning outfits EdD Jill wears that Melania could only dream of. How many people think to wear clothes with the word ‘vote’ all over it?

And, yes, rap has “Joe” written all over it.

Dr. EdD Jill is n adoring wife:

Oh, look, he’s back, randomly yelling at everybody. Admit it, you’d miss that.

As an aside, here’s another Biden lie:

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