Proof of CIA & 51 Spies’ Interference in the 2020 Election


Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch secured eight pages of FOIA emails showing the CIA panicking over Hunter’s laptop. They wanted to make sure all hands were on deck to stop the Hunter Biden laptop from hell spreading like wildfire. This was very shortly before the 2020 election.

In October of 2020 – just days before the presidential election – 51 former intelligence officials signed and published a letter that baselessly decried the contents of Hunter’s ‘laptop from hell’ had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”
They all knew it was a lie. The 51 spies lied to America because they decided a man with dementia had to be president. They weren’t threatened by him. He wouldn’t challenge their fiefdom.


Mike Morell, former CIA acting director under Obama, immediately sent out an email. He wanted to make sure the infamous Hunter laptop letter by the 51 spies who lied was approved.

He previously admitted that he got it out fast because he wanted Joe Biden to win.

“This is a rush job, as it needs to get out as soon as possible,” Morell wrote in an email on Monday, October 19, 2020, at 6:36 a.m., to the CIA’s Publications Classification Review Board (PCRB) with a copy to Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA senior intelligence officer.
The CIA approved Morell’s letter within six hours.

The public statement said:

We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement — just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case.

Morell lined up the 51 people to sign.

It’s “insane” that this was done in six hours, Tom Fitton said.

“This seems to be demonstrable campaign interference by the CIA, and that should be alarming to all Americans.”

This is corruption. He deprived Americans of the right to make an informed decision. He has no morals or compunctions about what he has done.

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