An Anti-American Textbook War You Need to Know About


The anti-American curricula in public/private education in America should concern everyone. It will destroy the country. One group is trying to do something about it. They are taking on Pearson Publishing. It’s a monumental task but at least someone is trying.



(NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE) –September 6, 2018 – Having successfully waged and won a statewide media campaign in Tennessee  that  captured major national attention in exposing the crisis of the “disinformation” epidemic in American textbooks, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) Founder and President, Laurie Cardoza-Moore has announced PJTN is launching a similar battle plan agenda for September across the state of Florida.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore stated, “With the rise of anti-Semitism on our secondary school campuses, this hatred is being fueled through propaganda by publishing companies like Pearson Publishers.   “There is a new form of anti-Semitism emerging.  Not only is it anti-Israel, but it’s also anti-Judeo/Christian and anti-West,” Moore said. “This same anti-Semitic and anti-Judeo/Christian propaganda is being spread through our public school textbooks.”

“Pearson Publishing also sets the standards and controls the testing for Common Core Standards,” she said. “Other key players in the controversial Common Core Standards initiative include Jeb Bush as one of the architects behind its implementation across the U.S. and Bill and Melinda Gates who are major financial supporters.

Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis recently stated, ‘We need to get rid of common core and ensure that every child has access to a great education in Florida,’” Ms. Cardoza-Moore stated.

The Florida campaign comes at the request of a coalition of concerned organizations, parents and grandparents and citizens at large within the state who have expressed growing outrage over the indoctrination in textbooks being used by students within the state.

Examples of textbooks examined have been found to contain gross inaccuracies, biases and values that do not reflect Floridians.  The content in the textbooks include “social justice” agendas, revisionist, distorted or abbreviated American history, anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo/Christian and pro-Islamic content.

Most egregious of the textbooks in question are those published by British-based Pearson Publishing whose major shareholders include the governments of Qatar, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Under the Pearson textbook reign, the Sunshine State’s educational spending has grown to consume about 40% of the state’s $88 million budget while over 50% of the 2.8 million students in Florida schools cannot read or do math at grade level.

Fueled by her national appearances on the Fox News Channel, the Tennessee campaign spearheaded by Cardoza-Moore successfully mobilized an army of concerned parents and citizens to take back local control of their children’s education.

The grassroots effort swelled to find school board members removed, state laws passed to ensure textbook accuracy be put in place and the content of Pearson published books in question revised or removed.  Florida was among the key states to recognize and respond to PJTN’s national call for textbook accuracy.

“In coming to Florida, I was not surprised to see Pearson Publishing at the center of the biased textbooks,” noted Cardoza-Moore in a recent statement.  “While American parents have been distracted trying to provide for their families, over the past several decades, Pearson has established a monopoly in public education. 

It is estimated that Pearson Publishers owns 80% of the textbooks being used in U.S. schools.  Additionally, they have been successful in their revision of our American history, in de-valuing of our Judeo-Christian religious beliefs, in redefining our American values and in the taking of the minds of our children, grades K-12, hostage.

One of their principal editors, Shabbir Mansuri openly defined his agenda when he wrote: ‘I am waging a bloodless revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms.’ The public education system is failing our nation’s students and putting the future of our constitutional republic in jeopardy. 

Ronald Reagan stated “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.  It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.”  

I have a single message: “America, we must wake up!  We are losing our next generation of leadership in this country.”

PJTN is issuing an immediate call to action for concerned citizens of Florida to resource their website at  to sign a petition demanding textbooks used by students statewide be accurate, unbiased, reflective of  American values and not in violation of the U.S. Constitution on the presentation of favoritism of one religion over all others.

Key issues to define as “red flag” content parents should look for in textbooks as defined by PJTN’s Florida initiative:

  • Students are given an impression through presentation of altered facts that America is not worthy of their pride or loyalty.
  • Students’ understanding of America’s position in the world is distorted or minimized.
  • American history is presented in an inaccurate or distorted way.
  • “Social Justice” is presented in direct contrast to the founding  principles defined in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.
  • The content is abbreviated, negative or biased against Christianity and Judaism and promotes Islam as the “kind and gentle religion” or final word from God.
  • The content delegitimizes Israel’s right to her ancient homeland and accuses Israel of occupation.
  • Holocaust revisionism history is presented as fact.
  • The textbooks refer to “Palestine” at periods in history before the Roman declaration of Palestine in the first century

Laurie Cardoza-Moore will be in Florida for a series of rallies and media appearances to be announced.  A statewide radio and television awareness campaign and media spots are also planned.

Resource PJTN online:


Jackie Monaghan

PJTN Communications Director

(615) 646-5990


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James Cool
James Cool
5 years ago

Text books in general are one of biggest expenses in education. But math hasn’t changed, English hasn’t changed, history hasn’t changed, chemistry hasn’t changed, etc., so why have the books changed? Crazy and profitable for schools, teachers and publishers, money and benefits flow throughout much like doctors and prescription medication. Kickbacks, vacations, money, stipends and the rest. Give me books from 30 years ago and I will show you closer to a real education, give me books from 50 years ago and things start to make sense. I really believe that we are really in a new dark ages. Computers and such are not really new and have, in early crude forms, been with us for 2000+ years. Binary numbers (the core of programing) was discovered again 1000-2000 years ago in the Middle East. The concept of zero, which was a major change in numbering systems, again start in the Middle East 2000+ years ago. The thing that miniaturized most of things thought to be cool and modern was I think invented in the 1940s and it is the transistor. We still had electrical devices but not on such a ‘small’ scale. If students want to know anything they should first start by reading and understanding the classics and then move into more modern events for comparison. Tearing down statues, banning certain web sites, banning certain books and generally hating people that are not like ‘us’ is certainly stupid and that is how we got such stupid students and their helicopter parents.