An immigrant who can’t speak English is disabled and can collect SSA


If you are 45 years of age or older and cannot communicate in English, you will receive Social Security disability paid for by the American taxpayer.

Social Security ‘disability help’ states:

The SSA will approve you for disability benefits based on your inability to speak English if you are 45 years old or older. They will not take your education level into account, as your inability to speak English counteracts your level of education. Your age is taken into account because it may be more difficult for an older person to quickly learn a completely new language to the point where they are able to successfully find a new job, while also dealing with the other effects of their original medical disability.

And we wonder why Social Security is running out of money.

As of 2017, five million immigrants into the United States couldn’t speak a word of English but were granted citizenship. We don’t know their ages. If they aren’t refugees and they can’t speak English, should they be blocked from even entering?

“In a stunning indictment of the system that tests immigrants on their eligibility to become “naturalized citizens,” a new report finds that a third are functionally illiterate, unable to speak and understand enough English to get that status,” the Washington Examiner writes.

Some 32 percent of naturalized citizens, about 5 million, fall below “basic” skills in English, the equivalent of being functionally illiterate, according to a 2017 report from the Center for Immigration Studies.


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