Anarchy and Armed Guards for Delivery Drivers in South Bay


Delivery drivers in the South Bay say they’re increasingly worried about becoming robbery targets. One company, Core Mart, is so concerned that it hired armed guards to escort its drivers. South Bay is the core of Silicon Valley.

NBC Bay Area contacted Core Mart’s parent company, but they won’t explain why they hired the guards. However, the answer is obvious.

San Jose police said they saw a slight increase in the robbery of delivery trucks two years ago but have not seen a spike lately.

Flavio Lopez works for another delivery company. He said he wishes he had a guard or at least a second person to help him keep an eye on the merchandise. Lopez hasn’t been robbed, but he has had run-ins downtown.

“Stuff you gotta deal with downtown,” he said. “It is what it is.”

Darrell Cortez, a retired San Jose police officer who works in corporate and retail security, complained of lawlessness. “Unfortunately, this is what society has become now with armed guards guarding merchandise from the retailer because there seems to be a sense of lawlessness in our society.”

It’s called anarchy.

Cortez said if one company is using guards to protect drivers, others are likely considering it to keep their drivers and products from being targeted.

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