Biden Strongly Opposes Bill Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote


Biden and his handlers are traitors to this country. After spending four years flooding the country with millions of unvetted illegal foreigners, the Biden administration just came out against the SAVE Act. The SAVE Act requires documentary proof of United States citizenship to vote in American elections. They want foreigners who have no ties to this country’s foundation to decide the nation’s future.

Even when Democrats blatantly spit in our faces, half the nation won’t care.

Biden will continue massive illegal immigration if re-elected, and Kamala Harris would do the same. Democrats want this since they’ve supported Biden’s open borders except for one Democrat.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president, she allegedly told Wall Street donors that this country could handle over 600,000,000 people. Additionally, the UN has written more than one migration plan. One is called the replacement plan. It states that as many as 600,000,000 should migrate to the United States. Another talks of a billion people.

This is what Democrats want. It will destroy the country.

Correction: I wrote 600,000 when it should read 600 million.

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