Not So Fast! Biden Might Not Be Going Anywhere But the WH


There are many calls to oust Joe Biden, but he probably doesn’t even know much about that since he’s in a cocoon. Given his mental state, he probably forgets very quickly if he does know at any point. In any case, his abject arrogance will carry him through that.

Many Democrats believe he is the one to beat Donald Trump. [After that, we get Kamala Harris].

Cheating can help them beat Donald Trump.

This situation may calm down. Biden says he won’t go, and the gaslighting articles have already returned. Axios is a prime example of gaslighting personified.

However, “Senior White House officials” are now telling the New York Times and other outlets that Biden is unfit. He cannot continue.

“Certainly, many leading Democrats have publicly expressed support for the president or remained quiet about any misgivings. However, one senior White House official who has worked with Mr. Biden during his presidency, vice presidency, and 2020 campaign said in an interview on Saturday morning that Mr. Biden should not seek re-election.

“After watching Mr. Biden in private and in public while traveling with him, the officials said they no longer believed the president had what it took to campaign in a vigorous way and defeat Donald J. Trump. The official, who insisted on anonymity in order to continue serving, said Mr. Biden had steadily shown more signs of his age in recent months, including speaking more slowly, haltingly, and quietly, as well as appearing more fatigued in private.”

A Semafor source, a senior person, claims a tight inner circle [unelected leftists] make the decisions and determine what gets to Joe. But do not worry; he knows all the important things, is in the middle of it, and is fit.

“It’s unclear even to some inside the West Wing policy process which policy issues reach the president and how. Major decisions go into an opaque circle that includes White House chief of staff, Jeff Zients (who talks to the president regularly) and return concluded. (The big exception to this pattern, they said, is foreign policy.)”

Senile Joe, possibly Parkinson’s Joe, is in the weeds on foreign policy decisions.

Some are surprised by “the lack of briefings to the president, and of readouts from consultations with the president and worry about the possibility of decisions “being made without him,” writes Ben Smith at Semafor.

They want you to feel reassured.

According to Semafor, Biden “is in the middle of everything. He signs off on everything,” said Bruce Reed, the deputy chief of staff who oversees policy. “Many of us have sat with him as he’s made hundreds of decisions.”

“Nobody has the authority to freelance. Not Jeff, not Ron, not anybody,” Reed told me [Semafor author and leftist Ben Smith].

You can choose to believe that.

The article said there are concerns about his age. Not his senility? Democrats and the ruling bureaucrats don’t have to worry because once he wins, he can leave, and Kamala will take over.

Biden is not fit for the job, but Democrats don’t care. They want to win at all costs.

I think they’ll go with Biden if they can. He polls better than Kamala. If true, expect a lot more gaslighting.

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