Andrew Cuomo tells us all we need to know


The first clip with Andrew Cuomo tells you all you need to know as you follow all the COV mandates in your state.

Do masks really work? No one really knows for sure. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t take it seriously – watch.

We have some interesting charts to consider. We’re not saying to not wear the masks. Wear the masks if that’s the rule. It might help. Definitely don’t gather. COV is very contagious and if you’re not near people you’re sure of, you can’t catch it.

Cali Governor Is a Tyrant

Some of the blue state governors and mayors are tyrannical. Take the California Governor Newsom. He told diners to put the mask on in between bites in a restaurant. That’s simply idiotic, especially since no one’s near the table generally.

A study in May concluded that the illness has its own dynamics unrelated to the lockdown.
In any case, here are the charts:

Uh Oh Joe!

Florida is doing fine without the masks so far:

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2 years ago

Andy Cuomo: Albany’s Angel of Death – is quickly transforming himself from a murderer to an outright Anti-Semite before our very eyes. Daddy Cuomo must be giving him a standing ovation from Hades. Andy Cuomo =s a White Trash POS.

2 years ago

NYPD can’t stop Sukkot celebration.

2 years ago

Florida shows precisely why everyone needs to quit listening to the “political” experts (bureaucrats), and everyone who is relying on them. A 14yr. old’s school paper is not real science and the CDC trying to make it so isn’t working out.

Lessons can be learned from historical genetic research on viruses, such as the Spanish Flu of 1918 epidemic. The old were spared but the young were not. It was found those elderly attained immunity in 1918 due to infection from decades earlier. The previous SARS and MERS outbreaks may well have allowed the young today to have some type of immunity, and thus could test “positive” for Covid.

There’s a better lockdown approach.

Camo Three Piece Suit
Camo Three Piece Suit
2 years ago

I’ve seen people wearing them while driving by themselves or out for walk in the park.
They really are so that you don’t infect others and they are not fine enough to stop microns.
At the I’d buy that for a dollar store there was a woman with gloves, faceguard, glasses and mask.
The wise don’t say anything out of decorum.
While using the evil browser the other day a pop-up came up with a mask on sale that said this mask is almost as worthless as the governor. It was good for a laugh.