Biden shares his views on the reimagined police force at the town hall


Joe Biden said last night in a town hall that he wants to ‘increase’ police budgets in order to send psychologists and psychiatrists out on 911 calls with police officers.

In other words, he’s on the path to cutting funds from the police. There won’t be money to increase the police budgets, especially after he implements all he wants to do.

Biden is subtly letting the far-left know he will defund the police. That’s obvious but we all have to pretend it’s not.


The Marxist Black Lives Matter “idea” started the defund the police movement and as part of that, they will use the money to put mental health professionals on so-called non-violent calls. Some of the most dangerous calls are ‘just domestic disputes’ or ‘just drunks or addicts’ acting up.

They’re reimagining policing as Kamala would say. It’s leftist claptrap.

Biden is claiming he will increase budgets but it won’t happen. Perhaps he thinks he will put up a national alternate police force that will eventually become the national police force. Democrats want to nationalize the police. We’ll be the Weimar Republic.

He is dishonest. If you read his manifesto, you know he plans to go as far-left as the far-left wants him to go.

Don’t listen to the town hall nonsense. Watch this:

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