Nebraskans get to pay for alcohol and drugs for homeless in San Fran


Listen to how insane the Progressives are. San Francisco spent $150 million on alcohol and cannabis for the homeless. Now we are bailing them out. People in Nebraska or Texas who do the right thing get to pay for their insane policies. Under the bailout in the $1.9 trillion ‘rescue’ plan, that’s how it works. That means San Francisco politicians don’t have to change.

We reported this several times. It’s amazing that people think this is okay.

Thousands of homeless in California are being put up in hotels. They are supplied with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes whether they have the virus or not. The state has about a 25 billion dollar deficit and they can’t handle the homeless as they welcome any foreigners who want to come in illegally. They give free healthcare to people here illegally, but not to the elderly. Their policies are a complete failure.

In April California began to acquire 15,000 hotel rooms to house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom said. The goal was to move 150,000 into hotels.

San Francisco was giving the homeless in hotels drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Can you imagine the harm being done to these people and to the hotels?

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